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Mike Marts Going Back To Marvel

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Ok so normally were not one to talk about editorial changes but Mike Marts has overseen some of the greatest superhero comics of the past decade including New X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman Inc and Detective Comics while overseeing creative talent on those runs like Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Scott Snyder, Joss Wheddon, Sean Cassidy, Frank Quitely, Jock, Francesco Francavilla and Greg Capullo. Marts will go from editing the Batman books to becoming executive editor at Marvel. Marvel sounds excited. DC has no comment

Sam Keith to Work on New Mars Attack Mini Series

mcith_0131-marsattacksbArtist Sam Keith of The Maxx, Venom, Aliens and Sandman will be teaming with IDW editor in chief and writer of Shaun of The Dead comic, Weekly World News and Doomed will team up for a new four issue mini series based on the Mars Attack license. Ryall and Keith last worked on the mini series The Hollows in 2012-2013. You can read more about the upcoming comic at IDW’s website

Mark Millar teaming with Sean Murphy and Bryan Hitch

download (1)We’ve heard Millar talk of his plans for an expanded Millarworld Universe and it seems that those plans are starting to come to fruition. In addition to his work on Jupiters Legacy and the upcoming Starlight and MPH Millar teased this morning that he will be starting new ongoing series with artist Sean Murphy of The Wake, Punk Rock Jesus, American Vampire and Joe The Barbarian and former Ultimates collaborator Bryan Hitch of The Authority, Age of Ultron. JLA and Captain America: Reborn  on books that would expand the universe created in Kick Ass and his other upcoming comics. You can read more about the projects in his exclusive CBR interview here

Young Avengers, Batwoman and more nominated for Annual GLAAD Awards

YoungAvenFan favorites Young Avengers, Batwoman and Fearless Defenders in addition to Life With Archie and Dark Horse Comics Husbands have been nominated for outstanding comic books for the annual GLAAD Media awards. The film adaptation of the original graphic novel Blue is the Warmest Color was also nominated. Read the additional nominees here. Also you can read Cosmo’s writing about Batwoman and Young Avengers in addition to my writing about Blue Is The Warmest Color