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Greg Rucka To Write Solo Cyclops Comic

CYCLOPS2014001cov-118b0It appears that fences have been mended and Greg Rucka of The Punisher, Wolverine, Lazarus, Stumptown, White Out, Queen and Country, Gotham Central, Action Comics, Detective Comics and Wonder Woman will be launching a new Cyclops solo series with artist Russel Dauterman of Nightwing, Supurbia and Decievers starting in May 2014. Details with spoilers for todays issue of All New X-Men at CBR

Marvel Releasing Shang Chi Mini Series in March 2014

DHOKF2014001In March of 2014 Marvel will begin a four issue miniseries Shang Chi: The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu from writer Mike Benson of TV Shows like Entourage and The Bernie Mac Show as well as comics like Moon Knight, The Punisher and Wolverine: Shop Shop. He will be paired with artist Tan Eng Huat of X-Men Legacy, Doom Patrol, JLA, Batman: Jouney Into Knight and The Punisher. More details and an interview with the writer at Newsarama

Updated: Valiant Debuting New Titles Each Month of the Remaining Year

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Updated: Press release, solicitation information, covers and preview art below.

Valiant had some big announcements with new titles and one coming to an end. Matt Kindt of Unity, Mind MGMT, Super Spy, Revolver, Suicide Squad, JLA and Marvel Knights Spierman will work with Clayton Crain of Ghost Rider, Carnage, X-Force and The Darkness launching the title Rai in may of 2014. Fred Van Lente of Archer and Armstrong, Action Philosophers, The Incredible Hercules and Marvel Zombies, James Asmus of Quantum and Woody, Captain America and Bucky and Gambit will join forces with artist Kano of Action Comics, Marvel Zombies and The Immortal Iron Fist for the title The Delinquents in August of 2014. Jen Van Meter of Hopeless Savages and JSA Allstars teams with artist Robert De La Torre of Shadowman, Invincible Iron Man, Dardevil and Spiderman will be launching The Death Defying Dr Mirage in September 2014. There will also be an Armor Wars miniseries as well as tie in Aromor Wars mini series for Bloodshot and Harbinger in July 2014. Bloodshot and The Hard Corps will end in July 2014. Another new series will be launching in October 2014 but details have not been published at this time.

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Seth Rogens Preacher Adaptation is Happening and DMZ Get’s a Pilot

download (2)dmz_20It’s been made official that Seth Rogen will be working with writing partner Even Goldberg along with Breaking Bad producer Sam Catlin will be creating an adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s seminal creator owned classic Preacher for AMC. How this will translate to an FCC controlled station is anyone’s guess. Details at Hollywood Reporter. Vertigo also had another big win this week when Syfy order a pilot for an adaptation of Brian Woods and Ricardo Bucchelli’s DMZ as well that will feature writing from Andre and Maira Jacqumetton of the critically acclaimed and award winning Mad Men more details at Deadline

Advanced Preview of Archer & Armstrong #18


Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #18 – the FIRST ISSUE ofMISSION: IMPROBABLE, a four-part smash-up colliding Valiant’s conspiracy-smashing thrill-seekers against the twin threats of Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps! From New York Times best-selling writerFred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and red-hot artist Pere Perez (Harbinger Wars), start reading here on March 5th when two teams of daredevil powerhouses begin an improbable mission with impossible odds!
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Updated: Valiant releasing special oversized issue for XO Manowar #25


Update: Full press release from Valiant is listed after the jump.

Valiant Comics will be releasing a special over sized 25th issue of XO Manowar with a story from series regular Robert Vendetti and artist Diego Bernard as well as guest creators like JG Jones, Bryan Hitch, Justin Jordan and more. You can read more about the XO Manowar from Cosmo here and here as well as Ghostman’s interview with JG Jones here

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Updated: John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson to Join Geoff Johns on Superman in Summer 2014


Update: DC has confirmed and also added that the comic will be inked by Klaus Janson of Batman: Gothic, The Dark Knight Returns, The Avenger and Daredevil. The title will be released summer of 2014

Website Bleeding Cool has been reporting and confirmed today that long time Marvel veteran John Romita Jr of Amazing Spiderman, Kick Ass, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men and Captain America will join DC stalwart Geoff Johns of Justice League, Green Lantern, The Avengers , The Flash and the current DC event Forever Evil on his return to Superman in 2014. Johns was last writing Superman solo on Action Comics in 2009 while doing extensive work on the iconic superhero on titles like Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds and  Superman: Secret Origin. Bleeding Cool released exclusive art from Romita Jr posted above and reported that detail will be released by DC at 10 AM PST. Read more here and read Josh’s thoughts on some of Johns Superman work here