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This Week’s Finest 1/22/14: Harley Quinn #2


You know that plucky girl that can’t be knocked down? Full of energy, joy, and homicidal tendencies? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Harley is that kind of girl. Out of all the DC ladies, Harley holds a special place for my heart (in her freezer).  Ever since the “Batman:  The Animated Series”, I’ve been rooting for that loony woman to get her puddin’. Thank you Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for making me encourage a violent domestic relationship!

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This Week’s Finest: Thunderbolts #20.NOW 1/15/14

THBHands down, this is one of the easiest choices I’ve ever made.  I listed this book as one to watch for this week, and I hope you were all paying attention because it was wonderful.  After the Thunderbolts lost their submarine during the Infinity tie-in issue (which was surprisingly good for a tie-in), they found refuge in a cramped van (the setting for maybe the best issue of the series).  This issue finds the team ready to find new quarters and get their mission back on track.  And where else would the infamous Thunderbolts choose as their new HQ?  Well, below a rundown diner in Northern Michigan, of course!  Their next mission: take down the now ex-Thunderbolt Mercy at any cost.

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! Detective Comics #27

download (1)75 years later and nothing has changed…well, okay maybe a few things have changed.  This week DC releases a Batman Anniversary issue with the same title the Dark Knight made his heroic debuted in 75 years ago.  For my analytically number based brain simply seeing Detective Comics #27 on the shelf gets the endorphins pulsing through my body.  I was pleased that for the $7.99 price I get a book with a spine I can display on my bookcase instead of hide in a short box.  But I’m not here to tell you how to store your books so I’m going to dive right into the pages of this mega-size Bat anthology.

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daredevil 34
Chris Samnee

Once again not only is it December, but December seems to be flashing by too quickly for me to even notice. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been working insane hours at work, but I don’t remember how this month got so far along. Next week is Christmas, followed by New Year’s, and here we are at the final NBC Comic of the Week for 2013.

Funky, huh?

Regardless, Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez have given us a fantastic issue for this week. This is one that grabbed me from the first page and held me entranced for the entire 22 pages. We’ve come to expect great things from this title, and yet again Waid and company manage to surpass those expectations.

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! Cryptozoic Man #2

TNCryptoMan02CovFlanaganNotFiDo you believe in second chances? Or third, fourth, or even fifth chances? I picked up the first issue of this series and was sure I was done; but the second totally won me over.

If you’ve been reading my articles beforehand you would know I’m a big fan of AMC’s “Comic Book Men”. The series is about some guys in New Jersey running a comic shop. They joke, prank, and muse about comics and famous story lines.  In one episode, they actually pitched a comic to Dynamite that they would write and draw. THIS is that comic.

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! Action Comics #26

3481807-action+comicsWell, it finally happened.  For too long I have been asking for a Superman book to do two things.  The first was to keep the character grounded in reality, and the second was to give me a Superman who inspires.  Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s Action Comics #26 delivered on both accounts.  From cover to cover, my heart leaped with joy as I read the Superman I begged so long for.

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! Batman: The Dark Knight #25

btdkcoverTime once again boys and girls for




In these days of Years that are Zero and Evil that is Forever, it’s been hard to come by just a good old fashioned Batman comic book. One that sticks to the basics of why we love the Caped Crusader and doesn’t try and fix what was never broken in the first place. Case in point: Batman: The Dark Knight.

Since Gregg Hurwitz and Alex Maleev have come aboard they have taken complete ownership of this title and have turned things around. What was once just “another Batman book” has become the dark horse in the running for the “Best” Batman book. Who would have thought? I know I didn’t. But BTDK has quickly moved up in my reading pile and now I read it before Saga, Hawkeye, and Walking Dead, all excellent comics and worthy of Comic of Week. But what set The Dark Knight apart for me this week was the shear fun of it. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I laughed reading a Batman comic – but I did today. This issue sparkles with an energy not captured much in a lot of comics these days. Days of crossovers, events, and tie-ins, BTDK is taking it’s own path. Much like Azzarello’s Wonder Woman, this title has carved out a little corner of the DC Universe untouched by “events” or “Editors”  – it is marching to its own drum and I am digging the hell out the beat.

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thewakecoverThe early plan was to not be predictable for my first swing at Comic of the Week. However after proclaiming my love for The Wake this week and deeming it as possibly my favorite book on the stands it would be stupid of me not to pick the best issue of the series as the Comic of the Week. So fuck predictability my Comic of the Week is The Wake #5 because when a comic is good, it’s good!

Remove Snyder and remove Murphy for now and I would still buy this book based on the premise alone. I love a slow burn horror. My favorite movie of all time is Alien and I’m pretty sure absolutely nothing happens for the first 45 minutes. It is all about the setup to get to the tension rising for the payoff. The Wake started with the building of a research team, then the team finds themselves trapped with a deadly hallucination impressing monster and shit goes from bad to worse very quickly. We escalate from one monster to thousands then finally in this issue an enormous mother type monster. Although I would classify this book as a slow burn horror it is definitely action packed in every issue.

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X-Men: Gold #1
X-Men: Gold #1
True confessions from another X-Bitch: it was nearly impossible for this not to be be my comic of the week. Look, I always try and be objective with all things in life in an effort to not be too much of an idiot but the heart wants what it wants. Here’s a few things that make my blood pump red; a foul mouthed Filipino woman, a pit bull with bladder issues, Purple Jesus, #carmelosmirk, a corgi with a bad attitude that rapes my wife like she’s auditioning for Orange is the New Black and classic tales of the X-Men. I love Brian Wood, I love Jason Aaron and I used to love Brian Michael Bendis but miss me with that Battle of the Atom nonsense. X-Men: Gold is the perfect tribute to the classic comics 50th anniversary for one of the most important titles in the medium with it’s most influential creators.

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