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“This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It is not god who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. Its us. Only us.” – Walter Kovacks (aka Rorschach)

tumblr_mr3861myij1syrv2ho1_1280This comic hits like a wrecking ball into the facades erected by countless mind numbing four color adventures that we reside in week after after week. We have become content to wallow in the rot of mediocrity – accustomed  to sub-par pablum we are being spoon fed by individuals that prey on our servitude to the spandex adorned mythical figures, to which our existence is tied to by a never-ending, invisible thread.
Our minds are filled with beings of incredible strength that preach to us of truth and accomplish the impossible. In worlds slightly left of center from our own, these powerful plays run through their verses over and over again until we are numb and lifeless and content to let the void wash over us in a pitiful desire to feel something of value.


Once again Reed Bebee comes through with an excellent review of his Comic of the Week! Oh, and if you remember part of the prize of winning the Letter Writing Contest was changing this sites name to his – so since the day is almost half over I’m gonna wait till first thing tomorrow morning to change the name. October 17th will forever be know as REED BEEBE day!

FABL-Cv134-94c36The Big Bad Wolf is dead.  He died months ago, in the pages of Bill Willingham’s FABLES comic.  The Big Bad Wolf (or “Bigby”, as he is known) has been a cornerstone character of the FABLES series from the beginning, the courageous protector of a secret community of storybook characters, or “Fables”, living in our mundane world.  But all stories end, some not so “happily ever after”; Bigby died defending his wife, Snow White, from a despicable villain.   

FABLES #134 is a posthumous fantasy spotlighting Bigby in his personal Heaven, a giant forest full of game and monsters that allows him to hunt and test himself as a proper wolf should.  But his fun is interrupted by a visit from another deceased Fables character, Little Boy Blue, who explains to Bigby the nature of the afterlife, and that his death may not be permanent. Bigby has a choice to make, and Blue warns him that, should he return to the world of the living, that the other Fables will need him – trouble is coming. 

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #4

fbp_cv4When I was a child and just beginning my life long obsession with storytelling and the way that it conveyed ideas I remember my father explaining science fiction to me as fiction that isn’t real by our current understanding of physical law but could be real within those same parameters. I was always fascinated by that concept that those ideas could be possible.  I’ve always thought that Big Bang Theory stereotype about sci-fi fans was completely off base. Yes there are people that obsess way too much about the Marvel Universe, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings but great science fiction is more than that. Great science fiction penetrates all aspects of our popular culture. It’s films like Oscar nominee’s Inception or District 9, our popular television series like Lost or The Walking Dead and prose like The Hunger Games or World War Z. That type of science fiction is about pulling in the audience based on the wonder of it’s world and then using that world as a mirror of our own. I don’t know if FBP will ever have the cultural impact of the titles mentioned above but I do know that it hit’s the same notes for me and in a week where I was reading a metric fuck ton of comic books including work by some personal favorite like Brian K Vaughan, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Wood, Jason Aaron and Scott Snyder this comic continues to stick out every week as one of the best books on the shelf.

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USER REVIEW! Comic of the Week! BATMAN #24

A couple of weeks ago we had a contest here at NBC! with the winners getting to have “pick of the week” privileges along with the regular NBC Staff pick. One of those winners was The One Who Knocks and here is his excellent review!

dc-comics-batman-issue-24I’m not sure how the staff feel about having comic of the week, but for me today was an extremely fun day.  A long and crazy day, but a fun one.  First off I went crazy on the buying, I wanted to make sure that I gave everything a chance.  I ended up with a stack of 14 books, which is a pretty large stack for me.  I arranged my stack from most likely to be comic of the week to least likely.  When it came time to sit down and read, the first comic staring back at me was the simple yet beautiful cover of Batman #24.  Did anyone else hold this cover up with outstretched arms and stare at the cowl like they were Bruce?  No? Just me then? Moving on… I read some great books after Batman but nothing compared in my mind.  By the final page turn of the 14th book I said “Fuck! I could have just bought one book this week”.
It seems like it has been so long since we last read a Snyder and Capullo Batman story.  I have to dig deep inside the memory files to find myself reading an epic face melting page by page review by Erik on Batman #23 posted on the site most of us called home. I’m not sure if it was the extra time off, or if I had just forgotten how good this book actually was but I thought Snyder and Capullo were really at the top of their game for this one.  This week we had a Tuesday Top Ten on writers where Snyder came out on top. Last week we had a Tuesday Top Ten on artists where Capullo came out on top.  Guess what team, you got it right!  Snyder and Capullo are a dynamic duo (I can’t be the first one to say this) and this issue really shows it.

COMIC OF THE WEEK! Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

Let me get this off of my chest right now: I haven’t read a Spiderman comic that I’ve actually enjoyed since the mid-2000’s. Yes, that includes Slott’s current story. {Cringe}”Cue the torch and pitchforks..!”

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into this new mini-series penned by Matt Kindt of Mind MGMT fame and drawn by the talented Marco Rudy!

Again, I haven’t really enjoyed Spiderman for the better part of a decade. It’s sad, really, as I have a nice big spot in my heart just for him. Spiderman 1, which was released in 2002, is the first movie I recall seeing in cinemas (I must have been 5 years old) and it will remain my favorite movie until the day I die. With that said, I have been DYING for a Spidey story that would quench my appetite… I think I mixed metaphors, but whatever! That’s how serious I am! Continue reading COMIC OF THE WEEK! Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

USER REVIEW! Comic of the Week! FANTOMEX #1

A couple of weeks ago we had a contest here at NBC! with the winners getting to have “pick of the week” privileges along with the regular NBC Staff pick. One of those winners was Reed Beebe and here is his awesome review!



Fantomex Max #1 (of 4)This review of Marvel’s FANTOMEX MAX #1 begins with dialogue between Jean Grey and Fantomex from NEW X-MEN #129 to underscore the appeal of a character like Fantomex.  Created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey in 2002 in the pages of NEW X-MEN as an homage to European anti-hero characters like Fantômas and Diabolik, Fantomex is a mutant thief with nano-infused blood and acrobatic combat abilities, clad head-to-toe in a costume that reveals only his eyes, a loner with only his sentient flying spaceship EVA as company. Fantomex has cool skills, a mercenary attitude, and an intriguing mystique.  Since his debut, Fantomex has been a supporting character in various X-men comics, always proving his seriousness, and never taking his mask off in front of YOU.   

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! Sex Criminals #1

Sex Criminals #1This week, four of my current favorite series released new issues. So, the safe odds would have said that my choice would be from one of those four, right? You should be seeing alongside this article the cover of Young Avengers, Saga, Unwritten or Mind MGMT. Now, none of their most recent installments disappointed (if there is one thing I’ve learned to rely on its Kieron Gillen’s ability to make me smile while waiting in ridiculously long lines at the comic store). In fact, one of those books came in really close to being selected, only, well, as you can see, it wasn’t. Instead, we have Sex Criminal #1.

(Typing that out just now makes me feel as though the number should be part of the title, a là Public Enemy #1).

At the beginning of this week, I wrote about first issues and defying expectations. When Sex Criminals was originally announced, I did not think that much about it. It sounded like it would be a mix of crime and sex, perhaps a fun lark, but little more than that. Plus, the name Matt Fraction on the masthead made me think twice. He’s written some terrific comics, but he’s also written some, well, let’s just say I would be very happy if no one lets him anywhere near the halls of Asgard again. Still, the book intrigued me with its potential to be something different, and the preview looked good. So, I read the first couple of pages while in line today (yes, it was a really long line this morning), and bought it.

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Pick of the Week 9/18/13: The Flash #23.3: The Rogues


  1. Never kill (if you can help it)
  2. No Drugs
  3. No Drugs (seriously guys, not cool)
  4. Never kill a Cape, especially a Speedster.

These are the rules of the Rogues, blue collar criminals unique to Central and Keystone City.

I’ve been waiting for a comic just for these guys and this book was another tantalizing taste of what that could be; guys with costume gimmicks trying to score/steal some dough and live it up for a few hours.  I know Marvel has “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man”, but that’s copying off the Rogues. DC missed the train on this, but Marvel totally ripped that. Although I’ve heard the series is pretty funny I have not picked it up yet. Still, I doubt it could compare to Captain Cold, Heatwave, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard trying to rob a book and commit the prefect bank robbery.

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Pick of the Week for 9/4/2013: Trillium

Wow. Just wow.

Was there ever really any doubt to what my pick of the week was going to be? I mean if you’ve spent time on the site reading my comments you will know I’m a big fan of this series and of Jeff Lemire. I honestly read a bunch of other comics today – some good, some bad, and some that I almost picked as my Pick of the Week. But I couldn’t shake Trillium from my mind. Like any good work of art it lingers long after you have experienced it – a song that you can’t get out of your head. Trillium is a brilliant work of art.
Jeff Lemire understands that Comic Books have an ability to tell a story unlike any other medium and he uses this understanding to bring a freshness and life to a genre full of “events” that more often then not leave you feeling unsatisfied and bored. Comics are filled with dime a dozen cookie cutter characters and scenarios that are derivative of greater works from greater creators. But we slog through the dreck to find those diamonds in the rough, and let me tell you reading Trillium is worth every shitty comic I suffer though, looking for that diamond. I found it here in these beautifully water-colored pages. This book outshines the rest. We are witnessing a masterpiece being constructed right before our eyes.