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This Weeks Finest: The White Suits #3


by Frank Barbiere and Toby Cypress

The White Suits is one of the best new series to come out in the first quarter of a year that has already been chock full of great new series and issue three has been it’s best yet. It’s a singular work from two creators at the top of their abilities restrained only by the power of their own imagination.

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This Week’s Finest: Unity #6

UNITY_006_COVER_CRAINMatt Kindt knows how to get inside someone’s head. For nearly two years now, he has been demonstrating this skill in his Dark Horse series, Mind MGMT. More recently, though, he has been employing his talent in Valiant’s Unity. In the first arc, he was able to dig deep into the minds of opposing combatants Aric of Dacia and Toyo Harada, in order to provide a faceted view of their conflict. Neither man was pure hero or true villain; each believed that he was working for the benefit of others. Say what you will about their actions, but the intentions behind them were sincere.

Still, we all remember how the road to Hell is paved, right? In this week’s issue of Unity, Kindt takes that idea in a more troubling direction, focusing on one man’s personal experience. Unity member Livewire has found herself prisoner of the sinister Dr Silk. When she challenges him to explain what he hopes to gain by his actions, the “why” behind it all, he grows reflective. “The answer to ‘why’ is always love. It’s more than that now . . . But like all great discoveries that’s where it started.”
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This Week’s Finest: The Massive 3/26/14

24408When I picked up my books today, I was about 90% sure that I would end up making Sandman Overture #2 my pick.  The percentage only increased upon reading the issue back home.  But then something happened as I rested Sandman by my side and turned to my stack.  The lights flickered.  Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. In those blinking instances of time, I watched my fingertips hover just above the next issue.  Off.  The darkness surrounded me…I lowered my hand…it embraced me…further… it poured into my lungs to drowned me…until…until…SPARKS!  And in that bright light I saw in my hand Brian Wood and Garry Brown’s The Massive #21, the final installment of the Bloc story arc.  (At least I’m pretty sure it went down like this.  The events seem rather hazy at this time.)
Warning: There are spoilers to follow which give away a main portion of the series’ twist.  If you are not reading the series now, I urge you not to read my review.  Do anything other than read this…In fact, the best thing you could do is go pick up volume one.  Hell, I’ll even give you the link to find it on I can only assume that for this story to be fully appreciated, you need to read through the twists and turns naturally.


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Week’s Finest: Clockwork Angels #1

JAN140983EClockwork Angels #1  By Kevin J Anderson, Neil Peart and Nick Robles

Everything had its place and every place had its thing” – Owen Hardy, Clockwork Angels #1

Sitting down to my record number of books late last night I thought to myself, “Dean, let’s get serious, just read American Vampire.  You know you’re going to pick it.  You either pick Snyder, Batman or both.  Lets just save some time and get it over with.”  So it is with great pleasure that I provide this review of American Vampire #1. What’s that?  I picked Clockwork Angels #1?  What is Clockwork Angels? Did Snyder write it? No? Then why did I pick it?  In a week where I had a record number of books pulled I am picking a book that was not even on my list or on my radar.  Well buckle up folks because I’m about to tell you why!

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This Weeks Finest: East of West #10

downloadI get bored easily. It’s part of the reason why I read so much comics in addition to following the NBA and NFL pretty heavily, watching lots of movies, read books without pictures and still have a full time job and busy life outside of all that. So being bored easily lends my attention to entertainment that requires some mental gymnastics to get through it. This doesn’t necessarily make any of these things “good” in and of themselves and I tend to be an apologist for that type of stuff a lot more then most because of my own personal preference but when done properly I always tend to gravitate towards big idea’s. East of West may be constructing some of the biggest idea’s in comics these days and if you have the patience to sit through them they pay off is extraordinary. Issue #10 was like a fucking gold mine for my endorphin’s in that respect and that’s one reason why it’s this weeks finest.

The Week’s Finest: Quantum & Woody, The Goat #0

Tom Fowler

High expectations can be a double-edged sword. You can get all excited about something only to be severely disappointed. Or it’s not bad, just, well, not quite what you were hoping for. See you build it up so much in your mind that it would be near impossible for the final product to satisfy. (I suspect this was part of my problem with Nolan’s third Batman film). Of course, I shouldn’t be so dour. There are plenty of examples where expectations were met, if not surpassed. I am happy to report that this week delivered another of these positive outcomes Continue reading The Week’s Finest: Quantum & Woody, The Goat #0

The Week’s Finest:Aquaman #28

This was a tough pick for me, guys. It was a five-way tie for hours before I could decide. In the end, Jeff Parker’s s third Aquaman issue just had more going for it.

Following up Geoff Johns has been no easy task for many writers at DC, but Jeff Parker jumped into writing Aquaman feet first. What’s remarkable is that it doesn’t like a different character, but that the character is more rounded right now.

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This Week’s Finest (2/19/14): Amazing X-Men #4

AMXAlright, so here’s the deal.  It’s not like I’m trying to be the “X-Guy” around here.  I’m not purposely trying to label myself as such, but I could understand if you were beginning to think that about me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love X-Men and there are far worse labels to have, but my interests expand further than mutants.  They soar with the Big Blue Boy Scout, lurk with The Bat, swing from the roof tops with Spidey, blindly follow The Man Without Fear, fight off walkers with Rick and the Gang, and cruise post-crash Earth aboard The Capital…just not this time.  For the fourth issue in a row, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness serve up some of the best story-telling in the business.

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