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Freeze Frame 8/3/2017

From The New Gods Special #1 by Walt Simonson & Laura Martin

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Freeze Frame 4/14/2017

From Justice League of America #4 by Ivan Reis, Scott Hanna, Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo

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New Series From Benjamin Marra, Josh Bayer & Al Milgrom via Fantagraphics


Looks like Fantagraphics answered one of my requests already in announcing the all new Bullwhip ongoing series. Featuring art by the great Benjamin Marra of OMWOT: Terror Assaulter, Night Business, Gangster Rap Posse & The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures Of Maureen Dowd, inking from legendary Firestorm creator Al Milgrom and writing from Josh Bayer of Screw Job, Suspect Device, Rom Prison Riot & Raw Power. More details at Comics Alliance.  My phone doesn’t have enough flame emoji’s for this announcement.