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Freeze Frame 10/6/2017

From Black Bolt #6 by Christian Ward

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Freeze Frame 9/7/2017

From Shade The Changing Girl #12 by Marley Zarcone & Kelly Fitzpatrick

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Freeze Frame 4/14/2017

From Justice League of America #4 by Ivan Reis, Scott Hanna, Joe Prado & Marcelo Maiolo

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Freeze Frame 3/10/2017

From New Superman #9 by Viktor Bogdanovich, Jonathan Glapon & Mike Spicer

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Freeze Frame 2/10/2017

From Detective Comics #950 by Marcio Takara & Dean White
From Detective Comics #950 by Marcio Takara & Dean White

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Freeze Frame 1/13/2017

From Wonder Woman #14 by Nicola Scott & Romulo Farjado Jr
From Wonder Woman #14 by Nicola Scott & Romulo Farjado Jr

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Freeze Frame 10/28/2016

From Image+ #6 by Malachi Ward
From Image+ #6 by Malachi Ward

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Uncovering the Best Covers, 9-15-16

Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo reflects on . . .

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Adaptation #4 by Mike Del Mundo 


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Updated: New Image Comics Series Announced From Remender/Opena, Brubaker/Phillips, Hickman, Chaykin & more


Updated: Series promo art is below

Image Comics held their semi-annual Image Expo today in anticipation of Emerald City Comic Con. Highlights below Continue reading Updated: New Image Comics Series Announced From Remender/Opena, Brubaker/Phillips, Hickman, Chaykin & more

Review of Batgirl #37

661253_1e4b46806c36399e68c9d8524dc60ef5d0c5c71bby Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher & Babs Tarr

In theory Batgirl is a comic that I should love but they are trying way too hard to make me love it and that’s handicapped my enjoyment of what is almost a really good comic.


I’ve been accussed of being a hipster before and I’ve accused other people of being hipsters but the conclusion I’ve come to is this: all it takes to be a hipster is to dress a certain way and live in a certain place, that’s it. Because I’ve been accused as or met all kinds of people that are “hipsters” and they like and enjoy all kinds of things from the most exclusive of bands or films to the most well known and popular.


The problem with the “hipster” label is that it’s become a catch all to put on any kind of obscure or artistic thing popular with the youth, it’s been that way when I first started seeing the term ten years ago and it’s still that way now. Some people disparage it and others embrace and that’s where the inherent flaw of Batgirl comes in.


Because Batgirl feels like the creators are cramming every type of “hipster” signifier they possibly can into this story and it doesn’t work, partially because it’s too much and partially because it doesn’t understand those signifiers. I work and have a college degree in technology and I lived in Jersey City for five years where I literally saw it become old crappy Burnside full of dollar stores and bodega’s to Batgirls Burnside filled with boutiques and trendy restaurant’s. In other words I lived this life that Batgirl has been retrofitted into and the comic is off to the point that it’s become distracting.


It’s no so much that it’s wrong (even though it often is) and it’s not offensive in the way that a lot of DC comics were post New 52 but it’s more like trying to cram all of this into one book is offensive in that it feels like it’s pandering to the point that it feels false. It’s modern art, graduate programs, tech, pop culture ect thrown up all over the story like a bejeweled Batgirl costume. The antagonist in this issue is an artist that when he get’s arrested literally says “I need to call Kanye” in regards to his one call in jail. It’s too much


Which is a shame because there is a lot to like in Batgirl. Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr art work is fantastic and in a vacuum the stories and characters are pretty solid. But it’s all the extra hipster signifier being crammed in that completely handicaps all of that and just makes it come off as pandering and corny.


Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m too close to the subject matter to read this without being turned off but I don’t think so. Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Sex Criminals, Lose, Young Avengers, The Wicked + The Divine, The Lizard Laughed, Luv Sucker, Shutter or even co-writer Brendan Fletchers other book Gotham Academy all deal with similar settings and don’t come anywhere close to bothering me the way this books does. There is still a lot to like about Batgirl in the abstract but it’s drowned out in the noise that surrounds it. While I truly believe all that noise is being made with the best of intentions it’s still noise and it’s distracting from the good parts. I want this comic to succeed, I want DC Comics that feel fresh, vital and unique but Batgirl just doesn’t ring true for me and I can’t keep waiting for that to change.