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Freeze Frame 6/19/2015

From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch
From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch

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Review of Captain America #15

caBy Rick Remender and Carlos Pacheo

Rick Remender has quietly been creating a great Captain America story with his characteristic classic sci fi tropes against an exploration of American covert history that keeps improving with each issue and this one is the best yet. There is a lot of cool stuff going on here; Nuke and Captain America discussing how to come back from war, the expanded roles for supporting cast members like Falcon or Nick Fury Jr and the total oh shit moment that strikes at the end where everything seems to be copacetic until it all falls apart. I’ve loved how this arc has worked to explore America’s military, espionage and cold war history without feeling derivative of Ed Brubaker while also keeping a tight narrative. Remender is a guy that writes Grant Morrison idea’s like Frank Miller and it’s made for a Captain America that is like nothing I’ve ever seen but still true to the character. Remender’s see’s Cap as the son of Irish immigrants and a child of the great depression at his core and it’s that deep seated empathy for the character that is the heart of this series in the center of all the crazy science fiction. A story that keeps getting better every step of the way.