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GLAAD Nominates Saga, Love Is Love, Black Panther, Midnightetr, Supergirl, Black Mirror, Star Trek Beyond, Frank Ocean & More

la-et-hc-love-is-love-comic-orlando-20160920-snapGLAAD has released their annual media award nominees this week and as per the usual, it’s straight fucking fire. Comics nominees are Saga, Love is Love, Black Panther, Midnighter/Midnighter & Apollo,  DC Bombshells, Lumberjanes, Kim & Kim, The Woods, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat & All New X-Men. Other nominees include Star  Trek Beyond in film; Super Girl, Black Mirror, Wynonna Erp, Orphan Black & Stevens Universe in TV & former podcast recommendations Blood Orange Freetown Sound & Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange in music. Wow. Details at GLAAD’s website

Podcast Episode Thirty Five

image In this episode we talk about a lot of things. We talk about comic books like Batman, Demonic, Supergirl Rebirth, Black Widow & Thor. We talk about inherent comic book logic and how that can be a hurdle for new readers in reference to The Incal. We talk about the new Captain America statue in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. We talk about Alex’s awful beer. We talk about the new Frank Ocean album’s and how that highlights the importance of inclusion and diverse voices. But mostly we talk about the terrible, terrible, terrible Spawn Kills Everyone. It is so terrible