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The People vs Simon and Schuster

Publishing company Simon and Schuster has faced backlash and threats of boycotts for their decision to publish Alt-Right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulis’ latest book. While Mr. Yiannopoulis’ politics are undeniably repulsive, the boycott merits examination on how it could impact the comics field in addition to Simon and Schuster’s other publishing deals… Continue reading The People vs Simon and Schuster

Drawing from the Well


When a company runs out of ideas, or pulled the trigger on too many bad ones, you can bet their best plan will be a blast to the past for a quick buck. “If something worked 20 years ago, it’ll work now.” “This used to be popular, so it might make some scratch right?” This is the thinking behind some of Hollywood’s worst decisions of late and it’s not stopping any time soon. Continue reading Drawing from the Well