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Uncover The Best Covers 12/14/2017

From Gravetrancers #1 by James Michael Whynot

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This Week’s Finest: Batman Creature of The Night #1

by Kurt Busiek & Jean Paul Leon

When considering the quality of a single issue comic, scope is something I always come back to; how much story does a single issue tell within the natural confines of the medium & format. Single issue comics have natural limitations in terms of size, anything approaching one hundred pages or more is probably a graphic novel at that point, while a  single comics page itself can probably handle nine to twelve panels at most per page. Furthermore, a sizable portion of comics are created using pre-existing intellectual property, which in itself creates it’s own form of constraints on story telling based on the framework of the concept, to say nothing of the editorial guidelines of the corporate IP holders. But all these limitations are a big part of what I like about comics, seeing how creative talent can work within those guidelines and still tell an amazing story in a way that no other medium can. And that starts with scope, how much story a creative team leverages out of those limitations. Batman: Creature of The Night #1, by Kurt Busiek & Jean Paul Leon, is a comic that fully realizes its scope, and mines out its limitations for an incredibly creative and profound single issue, with a technical proficiency & synthesis in the art & writing that makes for a purely excellent single issue comics. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Batman Creature of The Night #1

Freeze Frame 12/1/2017

From Batman Annual #2 by Lee Weeks & Elizabeth Breitweiser

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Uncover The Best Covers 11/30/2017

From X-Men Blue #16 by Arthur Adams

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Freeze Frame 7/28/2017

From Image+ #16 by Ian Berdman

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Freeze Frame 6/30/2017

From Kamandi Challenge #6 by Phillip Tan, Norm Rampund & Dean White

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (06/28/17)




Dean’s Recommendations…
IMAGE COMICS – Check out these great Image series returning this week! If you haven’t tried these comics out yet, don’t worry. They are all starting new story arcs. Jump right in, you will be caught up in no time!
Wayward #21
“A book about teens discovering they have super powers! Each character has very unique powers. This is a very fun book”

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Freeze Frame 5/26/2017

From The Dying & The Dead #4 by Ryan Bodenhaim & Michael Garland

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Gerard Way Launching New Young Animal Imprint DC Comics

1035x1594-doom-patrol_My Chemical Romance lead singer and creator of The Umbrella Academy Gerard Way will be launching a mature readers imprint through DC Comics titled Young Animal focusing on their more esoteric properties like Doom Patrol, Shade and more. Way will be writing Doom Patrol & Cave Carson Has  A Cybernetic Eye with additional contributions on the upcoming series from Jean Paul Leon, Michael Avon Oeming, Marley Zarcone, Jody House & more. Details at CBR