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The Rough Guide To Secret Wars


It’s almost summer of 2015 which means Marvel comics will be dropping another event much to the delight of comics shops & corporate shareholders. But this time around feels a little different, this time we are getting something bigger, something different and something that feels like uncharted territory. Starting in May of 2015 and going throughout the summer and beyond, Marvel comics will possibly alter, stop publishing or shake up their entire universe in it’s Secret Wars initiative. Instead of Avengers comics there will be a series of titles upon titles that appear out of continuity. What is going on here? What does this all mean? Is there anything worth reading out of all this? Let’s try an extrapolate what we know below.

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Fraction & DeConick Sign Deal With Universal For TV Adaptations


Writers and married couple Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConick of Sex Criminals, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye & Bitch Planet signed a two year deal with Universal for adaptations of their creator owned work onto television. The first project in development is Fraction & Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals. More details at Deadline