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This Week’s Finest: It’s Over

A little over four years ago, the website iFanboy was shut down. As much a community of commentors as a comic’s site, regular readers and contributors to the websites comment section and pull list feature were devastated. In response, Erik Hanson founded Nothing But Comics, and had the good graces to bring on myself to write here, in addition to Alex Rupp, Creighton Binn, Josh Rector, Jacob De Paz, Chris Messenger, and shortly after the sites launch, Dean Manness. The site evolved and shifted, brought on excellent new writers like Reed Bebe, Katharine Hanifan & Tyler Reed. Over that time period, almost everything has changed, both in my own life in addition to the world around me. As such, and as you’ve probably noticed, the site has changed as well. The posts are far less frequent. The actual fact of the matter is, I don’t have the time to post with the frequency that I once did,  and neither can my colleagues. Something has to give, and that is going to be This Week’s Finest. A legacy of our old iFanboy imitation, This Week’s Finest is ultimately a somewhat arbitrary measure of excellence, and the amount of work it required far outweighed the reward of completing the review. In it’s place, we will try to increase meaningful content; more reviews and more articles that can be more insightful then This Week’s Finest could ever be. The last three This Week’s Finest selections will be migrated to the review section. I can’t think of a better final This Week’s Finest then Josh picking a Jeff Lemire/Ivan Reis Fantastic Four DC Comic that exists mostly because Marvel won’t publish the Fantastic Four for a myriad of reasons. Thank you for reading, thank you for your support, thank you for everything. Here’s to the next chapter.