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The Underrated Rat Queens Deserve Your Attention

image-rat-queens-issue-3bI am not sure exactly when Rat Queens became one of my favorite books but it was somewhere between “Let’s. Get. Stabby!” and “Rat Queens! Put the sexy back in wholesale slaughter!”  When there are 329 books coming out each week (numbers ending in 9 are always made up, comic book math returns!) and 89% of my pull list requires profound thinking it is nice to open up a book that immediately plasters a smile on my face and holds that smile strong for all 25 pages.  After reading issue #1 I was not blown away but the idea of the book was enough to warrant at least a couple pulls.  Slowly with each issue I noticed I was enjoying myself more and more (makes sense, it IS a fantasy book).  Then last week issue #4 hit me in the face like a dodge ball thrown by the 7th grader Justin who was just taking the frustration of his parents divorce out on the meek little 5th grader with an aptitude for math.  The impact the book delivered knocked my glasses clear off my face, so I gathered myself put my glasses back on and proclaimed “by N’rygroth’s ballsack this book is fantastic!”

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THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

JUL138041DSUPERMAN #23.4 (PARASITE): This ranks up there as one of the best Villains Months issues yet – and who would have figured that artist Arron Kuder, whose work I’ve always enjoyed and championed in past reviews, could also deliver a solid script and put other Villains Months writers to shame (I mean have you read Joker’s Daughter by Ann Nocenti? Holy mother of god that may go down has the worst reviewed comic in the history of comics). Kuder makes the most of his first time out as a writer and gives us solid characterization of Joshua Michael Allan, a bike messenger that has had enough of living in Metropolis. Being attacked by “the monster of the week” is just one of the many incidents in Allen’s life that causes him to hit bottom and seek cash from being a medical experiment. And yeah, you guessed it, the experiment doesn’t go so well. Favorite moment of the issue: I picked in for my Freeze Frame of the week, the moment after Joshua becomes Parasite and looks at himself in the mirror for the first time. Damn good stuff here. WRITING: GOOD / ART: EXCELLENT

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