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This Week’s Finest: Detective Comics #946

Jason Fabok

By James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira & Adriano Lucas

What is the phrase? No good deed goes unpunished? This idea has echoed through superhero comics when characters are forced to confront the question of whether their actions cause more harm than help. Do their righteous actions save lives or simply invite more crazies to come out from under the shadows? Would the citizens of urban centers such as Gotham City be safer without such a tantalizing target as Batman patrolling the rooftops? James Tynion IV is not the first Bat-scribe to dive into this dilemma, but he has found a way to reengage the subject in a compelling manner. Ably aided by Eddy Barrows’ fantastic art, Tynion continues to bring new life to Detective Comics.

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Review of Detective Comics #940

Eddy Barrows

By James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows & Adriano Lucas

Straight out of the gate, Detective Comics has been one of the highlights of DC’s current Rebirth initiative. Writer James Tynion IV has struck a compelling balance between action and character, especially in recapturing the spark of individuals such as Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown who had been treated rather poorly by DC during the New 52 years. Primary artist Eddy Barrows has been turning in some dynamic art, which was ably supplemented by Alvaro Martinez’s fill-in issues. This trend continues with #940 which brings the initial storyline to a mostly satisfying emotional climax. Tynion, however, does make a story choice decision at the end, which may or not undercut the resonance of the proceeding pages. For this reason, it is difficult to fairly discuss this issue without mentioning key plot twists. A brief summery would be that, despite reservations, this issue is another terrific installment of the series. For a lengthier spoiler filled analysis, continue reading.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Best Legacy Heroes


In honor of the upcoming film starring a character taking up a previous hero’s mantle,  here are our ten picks for heroes who have done just that!

Flash 123

#10.The Flash-Barry Allen:

“A Silver-Age reinvention of the Golden Age character, Barry Allen shares many traits with his predecessor. Not the least of which, he inspired HIS own future replacement, Wally West. So in a way, Barry works two ways as a Legacy hero in honoring the past and making way for the future generations of the Flash!”

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Review: Detective Comics #934

Detective Comics 934 cover Eddy Barrows
Eddy Barrows

By James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira & Adriano Lucas

On Wednesday, Detective Comics joined the Rebirth initiative with a new creative team and old numbering. It also skipped the one-shot step, jumping straight into the action. This proves to be a smart choice on DC’s part, allowing the title to avoid some of the problems which have plagued the one-shots, such as Batman and Superman, which felt like they were more about the past than the future. Instead, readers get an engaging comic book which manages to channel previous work, while still feeling rooted in the present. As such it is the most successful debut chapter of a Rebirth title to date.

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