Review of Daredevil, Episodes 10-11

Daredevil-110Daredevil started with a bang. Full tilt, head down, sprinting out of the gate. The first three episodes (1-3) were fantastic. It then hit it’s stride and stayed consistent for three (4-6) more episodes. Then, episodes 7,8 and 9 slow down a bit. It is the meat of the season, setting up for the big finish. Just by chance I drew episodes 10 and 11 to review and I sure am glad I did. It is hard to top those first few episodes but 10 and 11 have ramped the energy back up.

Two things before I start. First, there will be spoilers ahead so be weary. Second, I would never let Rosario Dawson walk out my door. I guess that’s why I’m not a hero.

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Daredevil Guardian Devil

Screenshot_2015-04-16-21-20-05~2In the 1990s, Marvel was in a slump due to the crash of the comic industry’s speculator boom. In an attempt to boost sales, Marvel outsourced several characters to an independent company, Event Comics. This run was to be known as Marvel Knights. Enter Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti on Daredevil: Guardian Devil, a comic that helped define their careers, pull Marvel out of its slump, and opened the way for more prominent film and television writers to write comics. It marked a turning point in the industry and helped make Marvel the superpower it is today, pun totally intended. It also happens to be the very first Daredevil story I’d ever read.
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