This Week’s Finest: Deadly Class #13

STK671547By Rick Remender and Wes Craig

Spoilers ahead. Sorry, I just can’t do it without.

Deadly Class kicks deadly ass. If you aren’t reading this book, Alex, then you should probably consider, Alex, catching up, Alex, so that you do not miss any more of this fantastic experience, Alex. Issue #12 was my favourite issue when it came out last month and this week, issue #13 is even better. There were so many great books today. In total I read 26 different comic books. With a stack of “contenders” piling up I reached Deadly Class. Upon completion I put that stack of “contenders” back in their box because as soon as I finished Deadly Class I knew. It wasn’t just great, it was special.

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Dear Marvel Comics: A Secret Letter To The Editor


Dear Marvel Comics,

My name is Dean Manness. I am an avid comic book reader and dedicated blogger on the website Nothing But Comics. I am writing to you today to complain about your current Secret Wars event. I have many reasons for this complaint and, therefore, feel as though it is valid and deserves your attention. I am under the impression that numbered points are easiest to follow and also keep a reader’s attention, so I have outlined my concerns in the following points. Each point is just as important as the next, so please take the time to consider them all. I would appreciate immediate removal of the Secret Wars event upon agreement with the follow:

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Indubitable Issues




Patrick wishes there was more of…
Convergence: Shazam #2
It’s the Shazam comic that we all wished actually existed in the real world as an ongoing but sadly, will only be for two issues in it’s present state. Still, you gotta take what you can get

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Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

Twitter, a place where anybody can write anything into the hyper loop of white noise on the internet. Most people are bad at twitter but a very few are excellent at it. These are the ten elite comics creators twitter feeds Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

Son Of The Devil & Fight Club 2 Advanced Reviews

Don’t forget that in addition to Cosmo’s review of Divinity #4 we have advanced reviews of Son Of The Devil #1 by Brian Buccellato & Tony Infante as well as Fight Club 2 #1 by Chuck Palahnuick & Cameron Stewart. Click on the images below to read more.

Sons of the Devil 1
Click to read the review by Alex
Click to read the review by Josh
Click to read the review by Josh


A Robot Interviews the Invisible Republic Creative Team

At Nothing But Comics, we love the science fiction comic Invisible Republic.  Published by Image Comics, the series’ debut issue was selected by both the Nothing But Comics staff and community as the best comic of the week. Created by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, the series is highly recommended for comics readers who enjoy engaging science fiction. So we tasked our very own Robot 21 with asking Bechko and Hardman an important question about their favorite science fiction authors.



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