Tuesday Top Ten All Time Favorites: The Master List

Nothing But Comics has hit our two year mark and in observance of the sites anniversary, every Tuesday one of our staff members made a list of their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week we’ve aggregated all the list together Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten All Time Favorites: The Master List

NYCC: Annie Wu in Artists Alley

NYCC Annie Wu
Annie Wu

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to speak briefly with artist Annie Wu, during which we discussed her collaboration with writer Matt Fraction on Hawkeye. Previously, I had written about connections between the L.A. Woman story-line and the film The Long Goodbye. Wu confirmed my theory that Fraction based the mentor P.I. character on Eliot Gould’s performance in the movie. She even admitted trying to recreate the same cat food brand which Gould is searching for in the film’s opening seqeunce. She added that Gould was not the only cultural figure to slip into the narrative. The features for the gay couple were based on Issac Hayes and Lou Gossett Jr’s characters on The Rockford Files, a TV detective series from the same period.  Meanwhile, Fraction mixed some horror into the mix by evoking obscure Marvel character Harold H. Harold. Oh, and yes, that reclusive musician was based in part on The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. L.A. Woman turned out to be a project which required a fair amount of research.

Yet, we both agreed that was one of the things which made Fraction’s writing so rich. He possesses a wide scope of cultural knowledge so that he can pull in ideas from all sorts of places. In fact, while Wu and I discussed her comics work, we spent an equal amount of time chatting about the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which was the subject of the commission she was drawing for me. This sentiment was echoed the next day at an Image panel. When asked what comic artists influenced him, Wes Craig said that the most important thing for developing artists was to “get their heads out of comics.” Look outside the medium at other art forms. Draw from all over in order to find your own voice. Your work will be richer for it.


Advance Review: Two Brothers

Two Brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba
Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba

By Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba

This week, acclaimed Brazilian creators Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba release their most recent collaboration: Two Brothers. The twin siblings and frequent artistic partners have been steadily rising in acclaim for several years now, both separately (Umbrella Academy, Casanova) and jointly (Daytripper, BPRD: 1947). Two Brothers is arguably their most ambitious project to date: a graphic novel adaptation of the literary novel Dois Irmaos (published in English as The Brothers) by Milton Hatoum. The results are a faithful adaptation which resonates with readers.
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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (10/14/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 

Twilight Children #1
“Darwyn Cooke is drawing a new comic. I repeat, Darwyn Cooke is drawing a new comic!! If that’s not enough for you, it’s written by Gilbert Hernandez. Unbridled excitement is the proper response.”

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NYCC: Geek Culture Meets the Fashion World

As I was leaving the New York Comic Con today I noticed a man snapping pictures of attendees as they were leaving. I soon recognized him as Bill Cunningham, iconic fashion photographer, New York Times photo columnist, fixture of New York High Society, documentary film subject and inductee into France’s Order of Arts and Letters. This suggests that his piece for next Sunday’s Style Section will center on cosplay instead of the more typical glamorous parties or well-dressed amblers of 5th Avenue.

In other words, geek culture just moved even closer to the mainstream.



NYCC: Afua Richardson Hints At Ongoing Marvel Work

Untitled-116During the Women Of Marvel panel, artist Afua Richardson of Genius, 24Seven & DC Holiday Special hinted that she is currently working on an ongoing Marvel Comics series. As per Richardson:

“I will be working on a series…..I can’t say what it is yet. No spoilers! I get a call from Axel Alonso — this is not a ‘shut up and draw’ situation. We want you to rip up the script… that’s so amazing to hear… This is not that situation at all. What I think, what I feel, completely matters… it feels like I’m being welcomed into a family

NYCC: Gotham Academy Yearbook Story Line Bringing on Guest Artist Nguyen, Larson & More

GOTHAC-Cv11-8a5dcDuring the DC All Access Panel Gotham Academy co-writer Brenden Fletcher announced that the series will be doing a new story line called “Year Book” after the DC event Robin War with guest art contributions from Dusting Nguyen, Hope Larson, Mike Peterson & more. It will focus on various individual characters in the series as specific one shot stories per issue

NYCC: Valiant Book of Death and Beyond Panel


Valiant did spend plenty of time yesterday discussing properties besides Bloodshot. They started with a plug for the conclusion of Book of Death arriving at the end of the month.  They promised that it would have major reverberations throughout the Valiant Universe. While this may sound like the typical boilerplate Event language, Valiant’s track record backs up previous claims. Harbinger Wars, Armor Hunters & The Valiant all sparked future stories in ways that never felt gimmicky. They did shift the status quo. So fans were told to keep an eye on The Eternal Warrior, who just happens to have a new series launching soon.
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