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Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out #2 Francesco Francavilla
Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #7 by Francesco Francavilla

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Embracing the Fantastic…


The Fantastic Four was the book that kicked off the Marvel Universe as we know it, and its a title that has proven challenging to reinvent since the 60s. It still has an impressive history, rife with runs for those looking to dive in in preparation for the upcoming reboot from Fox. Instead of a Top Ten, this is more of a discussion of my favorite stories/runs that people new to Marvel’s First Family might enjoy…

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This Week’s Finest Material #3

Material 3 Tom Muller
Tom Muller

By Ales Kot & Will Tempest

Sometimes it pays to be patient.

My initial reaction to the first issue of this series was subdued. I saw some intriguing characters and ideas on display, but nothing really congealing into any sort of narrative (traditional or otherwise). It felt more like scattershot fragments than a whole. However, I stuck with the title and was rewarded with a second issue which I enjoyed much more. Kot’s portraits grew clearer as did the overall shape of his story. The various characters were all lost souls, adrift in a world which made little sense to them. This feeling of dislocation continues in #3, accompanied now by an even stronger emotional resonance.

Where a more conventional narrative might take its time setting up the plot, Kot is concerned with a different type of exposition. The reader spends time getting to know the characters’ states of mind. The emphasis is on ambience, feeling as the characters do. Only then does Kot begin to unfold his story. #3 is where this process really pays off, conveying theme and emotion in equal measures.
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Advance Review: Hell is Abuzz about HELLBOY IN HELL #7

Hellboy in Hell 7


Hellboy in Hell #7 – Art and story by Mike Mignola, colors by Dave Stewart, and lettering by Clem Robins

This August, in Hellboy in Hell #7, Dark Horse Comics will publish the first chapter of a two-part story, “The Hounds of Pluto.”  The story – written and illustrated by Mike Mignola, with colors by Dave Stewart – continues Hellboy’s infernal afterlife adventures.  Although Hellboy in Hell #7 won’t be sold on Earth until late August, advance copies have made their way to Hell, and the comic is all the denizens of that bleak realm can talk about.  Here is a sampling of the commentary from Hell:

Hellboy in Hell #7 continues the posthumous fantasy adventures of Hellboy among the damned.  The protagonist finds himself dangerously ill and in the company of kind doctors who – unable to help him – refer him to Dr. Hoffmann.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hoffmann is threatened by a vengeful adversary, and Hellboy gets caught up in all the commotion.” – Stultus, Infernal Lord of Unsatisfying Summaries Continue reading Advance Review: Hell is Abuzz about HELLBOY IN HELL #7

Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis Discuss Alias #6

PREVIOUSLY:  Some time ago, Alan Moore traveled to Portland to discuss comics with his fellow comics creators.  He is determined to discuss every issue of the Marvel Comics series Alias with Brian Michael Bendis


Recently, after Alan left the coffee shop, a mysterious creature warned Brian not to trust Alan




…but Brian concluded he must have imagined the whole thing…


…perhaps prematurely…



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Tuesday Top Ten: Our Favorite Comics Strips

In celebration of Bloom County’s return, we count down our ten favorite comics strips

3358-2164-19606410. Superman/Garfield

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Joshua Williamson Reveals His Favorite FANTASTIC FOUR Character

In anticipation of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, Nothing But Comics dispatched superhero the Red Bee to ask various comics creators to reveal their favorite Fantastic Four character.

The Red Bee contacted Joshua Williamson, the writer of such great comics as Nailbiter, Birthright, and Ghosted, who shared his favorite Fantastic Four character with us….

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