Alan Moore’s Lost Image Years: Wildcats



Alan Moore’s canonical comics work can almost follow a narrative through line when you look at his bibliography from a historical perspective. There are the early days in England doing Marvelman, Captain Britain & V for Vendetta, his transition to American comics via DC with Swamp Thing, Watchmen & The Killing Joke, and his evolution into purely creator-owned work at his America’s Best Comics imprint with work like The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Prometha & Tom Strong. Look closely at those titles and when they came out, and you’ll notice a huge discrepancy. If you go by the Alan Moore work that is most resonant, you’d think he’d taken most of the 1990s off after leaving DC for the first time. While From Hell did take over a decade to complete, that wasn’t what held Moore up. In fact, Moore was working on some of the most popular comics of that time period that would be his large back catalog of work for hire for Image Comics. Why is this often his most overlooked writing? His run on Wildcats is perhaps the best example of both the flaws & growth that Moore showed in that time period.

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Freeze Frame 3/27/2015

From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox
From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox

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The world’s largest weekly comic book poll!

The NBC! team loves to pick the week’s best comic for “This Week’s Finest!“, and we want to give all members of the NBC! community the opportunity to voice their pick for the best comic of the week.  Below is a poll comprised of all the comics listed in the NBC! pull lists for this week – which one did you think was the best?

Please vote, and please let us know which comic you voted for – and why – in the comments.  The poll will close at 11:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Sunday, March 29, 2015, when we’ll announce the winner of YOUR WEEK’S FINEST!

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Skeets Asks Jimmy Palmiotti about Starfire

At Nothing But Comics, we’re excited to read the upcoming Starfire series from DC Comics, by writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner and artist Emanuela Lupacchino.  So we tasked DC Comics’ futuristic robot Skeets with asking Palmiotti an important question about the Starfire character.


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