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Freeze Frame 12/11/2015

From Secret Wars #8 by Esad Ribic & Ive Svorcina
From Secret Wars #8 by Esad Ribic & Ive Svorcina

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Freeze Frame 11/13/2015

From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown
From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown

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Freeze Frame 8/21/2015

From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas
From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas

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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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Review of Birthright #4

Birthright 4By Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan

Just as father Aaron and sons Mikey and Brennan continue on their runaway journey towards a cross dimensional mage, so does Brithright journey towards the top of my monthly stack. Upon first glance this issue seems a little dry but that is only because Mikey doesn’t destroy anyone with his freakish strength and ridiculous weapons. However despite the lack of barbarian strength this issue contains a lot of great character moments and a pretty exciting battle with a Razorbeast. I enjoyed the opening of the issue the most. Mother Wendy enters their house and realizes that Aaron, Brennan and Mikey have already come and gone. She is filled with sadness and begins to break down. But she quickly pulls herself together and realizes if dad is just going to be the “fun dad” like always then it is mothers job to clean up their mess. It was a nice little character piece, you can see that even under the toughest of times a mother will grizzly bear up when the safety of her children are at stake.

As Mikey, Brennan and Aaron travel on to find the mage Mikey tells the story of his first encounter with a Razorbeast, which we have been following in parallel to this story in previous issues. The fight with the Razorbeast is also a nice character moment both for young Mikey and for his protective friends. None of these children helping Mikey seems to believe that he is the one that will grow up to save them all. However when push comes to shove and they are being attacked by a Razorbeast they all pitch in to protect this chosen one. Mikey also has his first scene of heroism. He sees his friends risking their life for him and either he gets caught up in the action or he really starts to believe in himself. Either way it produces the first heroic moment for young Mikey as he stands up to the Razorbeast where we are all left with such an agonizing cliff hanger.

Issue #4 of Birthright didn’t have the POW of the previous issues but all around was a very solid read. Issue #4 takes the time to give us a few character moments while still keeping the issue exiting and fast paced. An excellent issue.

– Dean