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Freeze Frame 1/22/2016

From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley
From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley

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Is the Young Superhero a Bygone Concept?

Ms Marvel & Spider-Gwen Selfie Chrissie Zullo

At the beginning of the Superhero genre, in 1939 until the introduction of the X-Men and Spider-Man, Superheroes were typically adult males. They had careers, homes, things that mark a person as a responsible adult. Within the many superhero films we’ve seen for the past decade and a half, barely a handful starred young heroes and instead focused on seasoned men fighting the good fight. This leads me to ask, are young heroes not in vogue now?

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The Rough Guide To All New, All Different Marvel

Fall is upon us but while Secret Wars and it’s many tie in’s sit in delay purgatory for the time being, Marvel is once again relaunching it’s superhero line with a whole bunch of #1 issues for their comics. With that said, the publisher is moving from a different position than they were in with Marvel Now & All New Marvel Now. With the former, Marvel had a lot of young creative talent that they were able to re-position during the relaunch to give their line a fresh make over and give creators they had brought up on  their lower tier titles a higher profile like Jonathan Hickman, Jerome  Opena, Esad Ribic, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jason Aaron or Rick Remender. After Marvel Now was a success, they added several new talents into their fold by building off the success of the original relaunch, giving creators like Ales Kot, Tradd Moore, Michael Walsh, Felipe Smith or Michel Fiffe their first shot at a major comics launch with the publisher. Now, much of the talent from both those initiatives has moved on from the publisher. In their place, Marvel has new creators coming on from all sorts of different mediums in addition to some of their old standby’s like Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Waid or Greg Land, and they are publishing a lot of comics. Probably too many. Below is a list of all the announced new series categorized into grouping of Yay, Mayhaps or Nah like we did with Secret Wars. Keep in mind that I won’t be including series that are basically the same creative talent and that Marvel will surely have more books to announce in the months ahead.

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Freeze Frame 9/25/2015

From Power Cubed #1 by Aaron Lopestri & Hi-Fi Design
From Power Cubed #1 by Aaron Lopestri & Hi-Fi Design

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Freeze Frame 8/28/2015

From Ragnarok #6 by Walt Simonson & Laura Martin
From Ragnarok #6 by Walt Simonson & Laura Martin

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Tuesday Top Ten: Best Legacy Heroes


In honor of the upcoming film starring a character taking up a previous hero’s mantle,  here are our ten picks for heroes who have done just that!

Flash 123

#10.The Flash-Barry Allen:

“A Silver-Age reinvention of the Golden Age character, Barry Allen shares many traits with his predecessor. Not the least of which, he inspired HIS own future replacement, Wally West. So in a way, Barry works two ways as a Legacy hero in honoring the past and making way for the future generations of the Flash!”

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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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To Live in an Age of Optimism

Above is a scene from the MAS*H episode “Run for the Money.” Charles Emerson Winchester III has taken notice of a wounded soldier who is constantly degraded by his commanding officer and fellow comrades for his stuttering. Rather than argue back with those poking fun, he buries his nose into comic books because why should he read anything else? He’s been called a dummy for so long that he considers himself exactly that. Enter Winchester, who notices that the soldier’s IQ is actually well above normal. This kid is no fool. While Winchester admits to reading some Captain Marvel, himself, he explains that comic books are these lesser stories, and he hands the soldier a beautiful copy of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. It, he continues, is something worthy of the kid’s intellect.

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