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Freeze Frame 7/10/2015

From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca
From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca

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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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Freeze Frame 5/8/2015

From We Can Never Go Home #2 by Joshua Hood
From We Can Never Go Home #2 by Joshua Hood.

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Freeze Frame 4/10/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #7 by Langdon Foss
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #7 by Langdon Foss

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Indubitable Issues





 Patrick won’t forget about…
TeenDog8Teen Dog #8
It’s your final chance for Teen Dog to teach you in the ways of the chill

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Image March Madness: The Finals

The Finals!

          Descender 1 vs Shutter_10-1

Vote For Your Favourite Issue



The people have spoken and the two remaining books, facing off in the finals today are

(3) Descender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

(2) Shutter #10 by Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca

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Indubitable Issues




theotherbluth recommends the inconspicuous…
Nameless 2Nameless #2
The first issue was awesome, full of mystery and intrigue. I’m even more excited now that we get to explore this insane world Morrison and Burnham are creating

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Reveiw of Descender #6

cby Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen

Descender is a comic that started out with a lot of hype attached to it from a combination of it’s creative talent, a movie deal before the first issue & high praise from both comics creative talent and media. But as the series has moved forward and evolved, it’s shaken off any preconceived notion to become one of the most heartfelt and touching ongoing series with an endlessly fascinating plot and setting.

Issue six provides further backstory to the history of Descender’s universe making for a more complicated and intriguing story as it closes out the series first arc. Writer Jeff Lemire seems to be exploring similar theme’s to what he was doing in Trillium by connecting ancient historical fiction with space age futurism but it’s more refined and fleshed out this time around and that provides for better detail, insight and evolution for the story and it’s characters. Lemire’s writing is highly imaginative but it never loses sight of it’s emotional core that permeates his writing and Descender is starting to feel like a grand statement for the author, like the sum total of all his past work becoming something better, more engaging and more intuitive. Artist Dustin Nguyen is a revelation as he continues to evolve his style to Descender’s ever changing environment. I’ve always thought of Nguyen more for his urban fantasy work at DC Comics but he’s managed to imply his unique sensibilities to space opera here in a way that expands on his style without losing anything. It’s still the same lush and rough line work that were used to seeing from the illustrator, but it feels more imaginative and daring then comics from the artist in the past. Nguyen also provides a vibrant and electric color palate that further emboldens his art here and gives the comic a singular aesthetic.

As Descender continues it’s story, it constantly twists and pushes the plot and style of the book in unexpected places. While there is a subtlety to it’s excellence, it continue to be greatly satisfying and always unpredictable. By implanting their own sensibilities, Lemire & Nguyen have created a space opera unlike any other.

Review of Descender #3

Descender_03-1By Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Coming off the emotional issue #2 of Descender, I was not quite sure what to expect with issue #3. Last issue Tim-21 had his memories uploading while he was experiencing a total system failure, due to a blast through the chest. We got to see Tim get accepted into a family as a real member of their clan. It definitely succeeded at establishing an emotional connection with Tim-21, making him feel like an adopted child finally feeling at home with his new parents. Issue #3 opens on Tim waking up in a strange land where a dishevelled looking robot says he has been waiting for Tim-21 to arrive. Concurrently to Tim’s time in the dream like land, our buddy Driller is trying to save him. Unfortunately though in Driller’s words, “Little bot’s gonna spark off and stupid Driller too stupid to fix him!” Thankfully for Tim the ship containing Quon and Telsa is approaching the planet.

Tim finds out that there is more than just one robot in this mysterious place. In fact every robot that has been discarded and destroyed is there. Since robots cannot dream, where could this be? Quon is able to get his hands on Tim and “bring him back from the dead” I am interested to get into next issue and see how Quon and Telsa interpret

I absolutely loved issue #2 of Descender. It was full of suspense and heart and became very connected to the book. Issue #3 was not lacking these elements. It included suspense and it included heart, just not up to the standard previously set by issue #2. This issue is a bridge point where we have been exposed to the robot purgatory, an interesting concept that is for sure going to be at the crux of the story. I am reminded of the scene in iRobot where all the older models of robots collect together at the shipping yard, it creates the mystery that something big is going to happen. While issue #2 gave you the heart, issue #3 laid the bricks down and started to build the foundation of the story. It’s not as strong as the previous but still a solid chapter in the series and help in building one of the best series at Image right now.

– Dean