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The Return Of Batman Eternal Is Coming In October Of 2015

Indubitable Issues




Patrick doesn’t want to spoil…
666380_03b3cb1f2c81ca446aa61cf4dfd8f452a9f37534Harrow County #1
I’ve read this and it’s Cullen Bunn’s best comic yet

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The Rough Guide To Secret Wars


It’s almost summer of 2015 which means Marvel comics will be dropping another event much to the delight of comics shops & corporate shareholders. But this time around feels a little different, this time we are getting something bigger, something different and something that feels like uncharted territory. Starting in May of 2015 and going throughout the summer and beyond, Marvel comics will possibly alter, stop publishing or shake up their entire universe in it’s Secret Wars initiative. Instead of Avengers comics there will be a series of titles upon titles that appear out of continuity. What is going on here? What does this all mean? Is there anything worth reading out of all this? Let’s try an extrapolate what we know below.

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Indubitable Issues




theotherbluth recommends the inconspicuous…
Nameless 2Nameless #2
The first issue was awesome, full of mystery and intrigue. I’m even more excited now that we get to explore this insane world Morrison and Burnham are creating

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This Week’s Finest:Sons of Anarchy #18


by Ed Brisson & Matias Bergera

I love Sons of Anarchy. I watched that shit from the beginning, and it was the only show I made a point to watch during college when I had all but quit comics. I wanted to love this series when it started, but the magic was not there. The characters didn’t feel right, the writing felt secondary, it just wasn’t working for me. I know it was a license comic, and that’s why I was upset, it had “Sons of Anarchy” on the cover but was nowhere near the quality of even the worst season of the show itself.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Image Comics May Solicitations


New and as yet unannounced books are The Mantle by Ed Brisson & Brian Level and Mythic by Phil Hester & John McCrea. Previously announced Material, Injection, Valhalla Mad & Sons Of The Devil will also debut. Roche Limit will see a new volume of the series launch. Rocket Girl returns. More details at Image Comics

Review of Secret Wars Battleworld #1

Secret Wars Battleworld 1 James StokoeSoldier Supreme by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson

M.O.D.O.K. Madness by Ed Brisson and Scott Hepburn

Battleworld #1 contains two smaller stories. One by Joshua Williamson and the other by Ed Brisson, two writers who I love right now. I was not sure exactly what to expect inside the pages of Battleworld, and to be honest I am still not sure exactly what this title is. Don’t get me wrong, that is not a bad thing. This book appears to be a place where small one shot stories can be told. This is where all the ideas too wild to put into any main titles will end up. Battleworld is the home for creators to do whatever they have always wanted to do with the Marvel character they are given. It is a very fun book, don’t expect to open up Battleworld and have any profound thoughts, in fact, I think I actually forgot how to solve a rubik’s cube by reading Battleworld. But, it is a load of fun!

The first story is Soldier Supreme. The spirit of Doctor Strange is dwelling inside Frank Castle. They coexist in one body, which means a ripped dude wearing a punisher skull t-shirt and a cape. Great visual, right? Frank is hunted down by The Infernal Four, which are described as a Hulk, a Wolverine, a Ghost Rider and a Spiderman. It is The Infernal Four’s job to detain Frank and take him to the Deadlands. Well, guess what? Franky no likey. This results in a huge battle and the only thing better than Frank Castle in a shoot em up battle, is Frank Castle with the powers of Doctor Strange in a shoot em up battle! This story really was very enjoyable.

The second story was M.O.D.O.K. Madness. This story had me laughing out loud. Basically, M.O.D.O.K. summons all of the other M.O.D.O.K.S. on Battleworld to have the most superior team. His plan is to overtake Doom and rule Battleworld. Well, what does one M.O.D.O.K. say to another M.O.D.O.K. when they hear about a plan to take over Battleworld? “How can we all be the one true and supreme Lord? Mathematically, that does not equate.” Of course none of the M.O.D.O.K.S. are going to agree to this plan, they are just going to bicker until one decides to shoot the other. Summoning many different versions of yourself to carryout your plan of world domination, doesn’t always end quite as it was drawn up. Especially when your leading characteristic is arrogance. Another enjoyable story.

Battleworld is going to be fun and wacky, telling the craziest stories on this already fantastically imaginative planet. Pick it up if you are looking for some fun, meaningless stories. It is sure to deliver a good time.

– Dean

Review of The Mantle #1

Mantle 1by Ed Brisson and Brian Level

The last time I went to see a local band was a few weeks ago. I can remember leaving the club thinking, “It would be pretty cool if right now I became the host of a endless power, lets call it The Mantle. It would be even cooler if I was tossed into a battle that has been going on for decades between a dude named The Plague who is already on his way to kick my ass. Actually, no, pizza sounds better, let’s get some pizza.” This is exactly what happens to our buddy Robbie. He is chosen to be the next Mantle and continue the epic fight against The Plague.

Brisson knows that the beginning issues of these types of stories can be very cookie cutter. Instead of follow the origin formula, he uses a team of sarcastic characters to point out that this beginning may seem familiar but, although it is necessary, we will get past it quickly and onto the good stuff. The three characters Necra, Kabrah and Shadow help us get through the initial, “What’s going on with me?” and quickly into the “Oh shit! The Plague is here to rip you to pieces.”

The Mantle starts off with a strong debut issue filled with comedy and action. Robbie, our hero, has the right arrogant attitude to jump headfirst into a vicious battle with The Plague, within minutes of becoming The Mantle. Although, Robbie can get on the nerves a bit, like when he says, “Eat fist, dick bag!” There are a few cringing moments like that but overall I am a fan of the Robbie character. Brisson does toss a little twist into the end just to hammer home that this isn’t going to be like anything you have read before. I am pleased with the cast of characters in this book. Shadow can teleport but only through the shadows, there has to be very little light for him to work his magic. Kabrah is the muscle and the brains and Necra can visit the dead and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this team. Issue #2 of the Mantle is definitely worth checking out to see where Brisson can take this unpredictable story next.

– Dean

Review of Cluster #3

cby Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro

I have been really enjoying the first three issues of Cluster. If Ed Brisson’s name is on the cover with writing credits you can be sure that there is an imaginative story inside. With books like Comeback, Sheltered and The Field he is able to take a common tale and put his own unique spin on it to change that common tale into something much more. This is what he has done with Cluster. The idea is basically Avatar. A war between humans and alien species for the use of the resources on an alien planet. However Brisson does not just rely on this story line to be enough, he builds a world where all this makes sense. He builds a world where it is believable we have to fight this war. He builds a world that could be our future.

Issue three begins with Samara and her team who have just been captured by some rogue M.I.D. soldiers. This issue is the part of the story where the rogue soldiers explain to the prisoners that the war they are fighting was not provoked by the alien species. The aliens have lived on this planet long before the humans arrived and stared terraforming. The soldiers are killing the species off and destroying their world so that we can eventually live on that planet. The destruction of our own planet has lead us to war for the resources of another.

Samara is the daughter of a Senator and therefore should not even be out fighting the alien war. He could pull strings and get her out of there but she refused, she wanted to do her time. She drove while she was drunk and ended up in a crash that killed her sister. She feels deserving of the punishment. We have not seen much of Samara’s father in this series but we get a flashback scene of Samara being released from her initial holding cell after the accident and her mom and dad are there waiting. Her dad simply says, “How could you? You killed your sister” Now if that doesn’t make you want to get shipped off to an alien planet to fight a war, then I don’t know what would.

This issue is excellent. The revealing of the corrupt military, a heartbreaking father-daughter moment, a battle where a loved character dies and a double cross. What more could you ask for?

– Dean

Review of Sheltered #15

Sheltered 15by Ed Brisson & Johnnie Christmas

The rural crime series Sheltered, ended on this weeks number fifteen capping off what was one of comics most unique titles and it was mostly by being so ordinary. Sheltered launched in the summer of 2013 amid a flurry of new high profile Image books like Sex Criminals, Lazarus, Rat Queens, Zero & Pretty Deadly after writer Ed Brisson had debuted as a writer on the cult favorite Comeback having spent the majority of his career lettering. At the time of it’s release and throughout it’s time being published, Sheltered always stood out for it’s measured long form narrative and smart premise centered on a group of violent children raised in a survivalist camp off the grid. In the series previous issue, the book gave it’s big firework moments in a way that was powerful and haunting while this final installment explores it’s repercussions; the emotional scars that were left from all the senseless death and pain, all the lives that were destroyed and just all the people whose situations are insurmountably worst at the end result. Artist Johnnie Christmas was a revelation for the series his sharp line style created a strong contrast between the beautiful natural setting against the dark emotional whirl wind of the characters, he brings out the life in the places and people on the pages. For as unique as Image Comics is in it’s titles, most of them tend to fall within easily classifiable genre conventions; science fiction, horror, sword & sorcery ect in that sense Sheltered always stood out as not only being one of a very few crime comics, but moreover for a setting and focus that was purely singular to the book in spite of the normalcy of it all. Perhaps that’s part of what made the book work, with the people and places feeling so familiar, it was only natural to feel their pain and sorrow. Even when the volcano does go off in the books final panel it doesn’t matter, in the end all the people have ruined each other anyway. Truth is stranger than fiction.