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Freeze Frame 1/22/2016

From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley
From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley

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Freeze Frame 8/7/2015

From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parket
From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parker

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Advance Review of Imperium #1

Tom Muller

Imperium #1 by Joshua Dysart & Doug Braithwaite

Last year, Dysart concluded his Harbinger series, setting the stage for his new Valiant project, Imperium. In the mini-series Omegas, Dysart transitioned from the focus on the Renegades to their adversary Toyo Harada. In the process, he radically altered the make-up of the Valiant Universe. Harada, who had long been manipulating world events from behind the scenes, has been exposed for all to see. Despite this turn of events, he refuses to be deterred from his self-appointed mission to save humanity from itself. No longer able to yield influence through his corporation, he seizes part of Somalian territory, declaring it his own sovereign land. From there, his forces shall intervene wherever they see fit for the betterment of all.
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Review of Imperium #3

Raul Allen

by Joshua Dysart & Doug Braithwaite

Imperium is a series spinning out of and expanding on the Toyo Harada narrative thread of Dysarts previous Valiant series, Harbinger. Since the first issue, one of the most intriguing new elements that Dysart has introduced is Mech Major. Mech Major is an Artificial Intelligence robot who is leery of violence and prefers to be called in Sunlight on Snow. This week, Dysart gives this fascinating character its turn in the spotlight.

In #3, Harada asks Mech Major why he chose Sunlight as Snow as his preferred name. The robot explains that it is linked to one of its earliest memories. It was sitting in a mountain range watching snow melt in the sunlight. It was fascinated by this sight, and not just by the sensation caused by the snow’s beauty. The robot was also aware that the snow’s gleaming was a direct result of its melting, i.e. demise. In such a way, joy and sadness are mixed together into one feeling. The robot wished to preserve this special experience through the name Sunlight on Snow.
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New Valiant Comics for 4/8/15


Imperium #3

by Writer: Joshua Dysart   Art: Doug Braithwaite   Cover: Raul Allen

A better world. By any means necessary. The devastating new series escalates with an all-new chapter by New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS)! The world-changing event snowballs over the cliff, as the world’s most powerful man – billionaire superhuman Toyo Harada – saves the world at the tip of a sword. Harada is collecting monsters – starting with his pet instrument of death, Mech Major?an unstoppable robot engine of combat and warfare. But there’s more to Mech Major than meets the eye?


Rai #8

by Writer: Matt Kindt   Art: Clayton Crain   Cover: Clayton Crain

‘The Battle for New Japan’ erupts into all-out war! Rai has raised an army of former enemies and reluctant allies all in the name of one thing – freedom! It’s the final fight between Father and his prodigal son, except there is no coming back from this as the outcome could spell the end of not just New Japan, but all of Earth!