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Freeze Frame 8/15/2015

From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts
From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts

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Freeze Frame 7/17/2015

From Siege #1 by James Stokoe
From Siege #1 by James Stokoe

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Review of Siege #1

Siege 1 W. Scott Forbes
W. Scott Forbes

by Kieron Gillen, Filipe Andrade, James Stokoe & Jorge Coelho

With Siege, Gillen delves fully into Battleworld for the first time. He previously made a brief visit with a co-authored interlude for 1602 Witch Hunter which honestly left a bit to be desired. Luckily he is on more solid ground with this series, which features many of the characters associated with his time at Marvel (Abigail Brand, Leah, Kate Bishop & Ms. America). The result is the most satisfying Marvel issue Gillen has produced since Young Avengers wrapped.

As with many of the Secret Wars tie-ins, this series has little to do with its namesake, the Brian Michael Bendis Avengers Event Siege. Instead it focuses on Abigail Brand the heroine of Gillen’s short-lived though fondly remembered SWORD series. Brand was the head of S.W.O.R.D. an offshoot of S.H.I.E.L.D. tasked with monitoring the cosmos for potential threats, an outer space lighthouse, if you will. S.W.O.R.D. was the first line of defense to keep hostiles off-world. Gillen takes this guardian concept and reapplies it to the terrain of Battleworld.
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Godzilla In Hell #1 Review


by James Stokoe

The Story/Art: Godzilla is in Hell, that’s the whole premise and it could easily have fallen flat. However, Stoke takes the challenge with aplomb writing the King of Monsters in the Darkest Pit. Everywhere Godzilla goes is in theory related to one of his fears or past battles. Godzilla beats all of his opponents in this issue, but this proves to be a moot point as he will have to do it over for all eternity.

The art by Stoke is great, full of texture and shadow, making it clear that Godzilla is literally in Hell. From the big stone letters to the imaginative action, it feels like a throwback comic to a different Golden Age of Comics.

This issue took me ten minutes to read, since it has no dialogue or no more than a few instances of writing. However, it fulfills everything that is promised in the title. While not for everyone, the terrific art and wry writing should appeal to anyone who has a passing interest in genre and values high quality visual story telling with it’s own distinct voice.

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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:


Numerous Norse Words
Astonishing X-Men
Sex (not for love)
and Preacher Volume 3


What just happened? This book is insane!  I am having trouble finding my words right now.  I have no idea how the review I am about to write is going to sound to someone who has not read this book, but here goes.   I have been on the lookout for a few months for a great fantasy book.  I haven’t had much success and it is not because of the quality of the books.  There are a lot of fantasy books out there that deserve to get my attention but for some reason they just aren’t.  I think the issue I am having with these other fantasy books is the world building.  In my fantasy books I need more than just a cool story, I need an interesting world.   World building is a word I have heard and used many times in the past when describing a comic.  However from now on I am going to be a little more selective when I use it because I didn’t know world building until I read Orc Stain.

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