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NYCC: Joe Keating & Leila Del Duca in Artists Alley


In Artists Alley yesterday Joe Keatinge was speaking about how he has the whole story of Shutter mapped out, but is also staying flexible for letting the story evolve organically. A fan asked for an example, and Keatinge cited the character of Cassius, formerly known as Alarm Cat. This fan favorite was originally fated to die early in the series, #3 to be precise. However when Del Duca read the script stating that Alarm Cat died in an explosion she was “heartbroken”. This reaction from his collaborator sparked a change of heart in Keatinge. He revised his plans and sent Cassius off on the fascinating road he’s currently traveling . . .


So What’s Happening From Image Comics In November?

CitizenJack01_CvrWell, previously announced The God Dammed by the Scalped team of Jason Aaron & RM Guerra, Huck by Mark Millar & Rafeal Albuquerque, Ringside by Joe Keatinge, Monstress by Marjorie Liu & the 8House chapter by Emma Rios. A new series was announced for Sam Humphries of Planet Hulk, Starlord & Our Love Is Real titled Citizen Jack in addition to newly announced series or OGN’s by Eddie Argos, Dan Waters & all the excellent comics we’ve come to expect from the publisher. More details at Image Comics

Loose Ends 8/15/2015

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Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB Fury Of Iron Fist
Written and drawn by Silver-Age pros Roy Thomas with Gil Kane, this volume collects the stories that cemented Iron Fist in the MCU and as one of the prominent Kung Fu fighters in comics. A must have for any fan of Danny Rand.

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Image Expo July 2015 Annoucements Open Thread

Mark Millar will doing a project with Rafeal Albuquerque titled Huck that will debut in the Fall of 2015
Mark Millar will doing a project with Rafeal Albuquerque titled Huck that will debut in the Fall of 2015 “Do you remember those old ’80s movies — ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Indiana Jones’? — don’t they just feel great every time we look at them? ‘Huck’ really brings that feel….”He helps people in his small-town community. He’s just special in all kinds of ways. He’s not only a great heart, but he also has some special powers. He’s much stronger than a normal person. He’s much faster.”

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Indubitable Issues





 Patrick endorses…
cMs Marvel #14 
The prior issue might have been the best the series has done yet and that arc is just getting started. Ms Marvel was certainly 2014’s runaway success story but in 2015 it looks to be even better

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Image March Madness: The Finals

The Finals!

          Descender 1 vs Shutter_10-1

Vote For Your Favourite Issue



The people have spoken and the two remaining books, facing off in the finals today are

(3) Descender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

(2) Shutter #10 by Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca

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Review of Shutter #9

Leila del Duca

by Joe Keatinge & Leila del Duca

The latest issue of Shutter begins with a flashback to the Paris Expo of 1889. Hot air balloons drift in the air near the newly constructed Eiffel Tower. Jean-Paul and his companion Magali rush through the crowd and under the city’s quays. This opening scene is tinged with grey, the first hint of color coming from the blood red wax seal which holds an invitation. For a while now, Jean-Paul has been coveting introduction into the mysterious society known as Prospero. The closer he gets to admittance, the more red fills the page, most strikingly in the form of a person fully cloaked in red robe and mask. Once behind the curtain Jean-Paul is greeted by an assortment of objects ranging from futuristic technology to grotesque curiosities. Now the page is entirely saturated in red. Soon the plot twists, a strange portal is opened, and an even fuller burst of color is let loose. This coordination between story and image, where each strengthens the other, is a perfect demonstration of what makes this series so successful.

After this initial sequence, the rest of the issue takes place in the present day. Kalliyan is trying to convince Katheryn to join her quest, despite the fact that its object (finding Katheryn’s long estranged mother) holds little appeal for Kate. Keatinge does a good job with the character work in these scenes, slowly bringing together loose threads from earlier in the series. At the heart of the debate, Kate must decide whether to follow her half-sister through the same portal that readers witnessed during the Paris flashback. Suddenly the world of Shutter, which was already pretty wide-ranging, seems much larger. The visual exuberance of the final page is another testament to how skillful del Duca’s illustrations are.

Since the first issue, one of the reliably delightful aspects of Shutter has been the variety of back-up features. This trend continues this week with “1 with a Bullet,” a single page story written by Mark Poulton with art by Shutter colorist Owen Gieni. The strip imagines that Elvis faked his death to become an undercover narc. It’s a fun premise, but what really makes it sing is how completely Poulton and Gieni embrace the quirky, trippy and just plain goofy aspects of their story. It’s a fun page, which leaves me curious for more.

All in all, another excellent issue of Shutter.

del Duca