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Freeze Frame 8/15/2015

From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts
From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts

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Freeze Frame 6/26/2015

From Annihilator #6 by Frazier Irving
From Annihilator #6 by Frazer Irving

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Freeze Frame 4/10/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #7 by Langdon Foss
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #7 by Langdon Foss

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Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo raises the visibility of. . .

Fantastic Four 644 Evan Doc Shaner
Fantastic Four #644 by Evan “Doc” Shaner

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Review of Howard the Duck #3

Howard the Duck 3 Bobby Rubio
Bobby Rubio

by Chip Zdarsky & Joe Quinones

When this title was first announced I was very excited. Steve Gerber’s original run on Howard the Duck is one of the best comics that Marvel has ever produced. Funny, quirky, insightful, dark and downright surreal, it is a series that feels as unique now as it must have to readers nearly 4 decades ago. Since then Howard has stumbled around the Marvel Universe, while mostly avoiding the spotlight. Then came his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy and all of a sudden the Duck was hot once more. Marvel put his Omnibus back in print, and announced a new series written by rising artist Chip Zdarsky. Zdarsky’s off-kilter sense of humor suggested a natural fit for Howard. Indeed, the series landed #2 on Nothing But Comics’ list of most anticipated series of 2015, beating out offerings by the likes of Grant Morrison and Brian K Vaughan. Clearly I was not the only staff member excited. This title’s success was never a sure thing, but I wanted very much for it to work.

Unfortunately, three issues in, I find myself disappointed.
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Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis Discuss Howard the Duck #1



OUR STORY THUS FAR:  Months ago, Alan Moore traveled to Portland to discuss comics with his fellow comics creators.  Today he’s having coffee with Brian Michael Bendis…

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Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis were not involved in the creation of this not-for-profit parody comic strip review of Howard the Duck #1, nor was Applebee’s.  The opinions expressed by the characters above are the opinions of the author, and not the opinions of Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis, or Applebee’s.

Uncover the Best Covers! 9/18/2013

Every Thursday, each staff member will chose his favorite cover of the week to showcase here.

We were walking down the street, my little girly and me

On a pleasant day in June when it was all su-nny

She had a little pink umbrella that bumped against her knee

I said, “Girl, it’s freakin’ hot! It don’t even look rain-y!”

She smiled as she opened it so I could see

She said, “Baby, you’re so dumb! It’s just to COVER me!”

Ghostmann uncovers…

Daredevil #31

dd2011031-dc11-lr-68d5c_gallery_primary (1)
Again, Chris Samnee channels the late great spirit of Will Eisner and delivers a wonderful cover that is perfectly designed to do what it’s suppose to – make you wanna read the story inside.

Cover Art By Chris Samnee

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