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Loose Ends 8/15/2015

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How The Image Kids Briefly Took Over Marvel

Young_Avengers_Vol_2_12_TextlessRecently, Marvel announced several new series that inadvertently pointed towards the end of an era for the publisher by leaving out a few names. When Marvel revealed their All New, All Different, Marvel Now line up, the announcement left out Kieron Gillen Ales Kot, Nathan Edmondson & Rick Remender, writers who between the four of them had written various iterations of the X-Men  and Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Darth Vader, The Punisher, Venom, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier and more in their time at Marvel comics. That combined with the already announced departure of Matt Fraction & Jonathan Hickman points towards a sea change with the publisher where the majority of creators the company recruited off of their work at Image Comics are no longer writing Marvel comics; the Image era at Marvel has ended. While we are now in it’s twilight, I predict Marvel’s Image era will always have a place in comics cannon, the brief period where the outsiders got inside access and created some of the best superhero comics of their time while altering the direction of both Marvel, Image and by extension the entire comics industry. Continue reading How The Image Kids Briefly Took Over Marvel

Indubitable Issues and Pull List (8/5/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
8House: Arclight #2
“You may already know that some of us here at NBC! love the work of Brandon Graham. With8House: Arclight, Marion Churchland joins Graham to tell the first story in a series of comics taking place in the same fantastical world. If you enjoy fantasy and adventure stories, you should give this book a try. Full of gorgeous artwork, mysterious characters, and magical beings; from the creative mind behind the reimagined Prophet, 8House: Arclight deserves place on your pull list.”

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2015 Harvey Award Nominations

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Wicked + Divine Truths

My death waits
to allow my friends
a few good times before it ends
let’s drink to that
and the passing time

My Death (Jacques Brel/Mort Shuman)

Wicked + Divine 7 Christian Ward
Christian Ward

From the beginning, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Image series The Wicked + The Divine has been interested in the phenomenon of celebrity. Every 90 years a group of gods are reincarnated, revisiting the Earth in what is known as the Reoccurrence. Their presence is meant to help nudge humanity forward, inspiring them to take the next steps in their development. And inspire is all they can do, as their time is too brief for the actual hard work of building a better world. Their life span is only two years, then they die. It is the ultimate expression of live hard, die young. The latter is a surety, so might as well embrace everything else to the fullest. As would be expected these Reoccurrences have produced a large body of academic scholarship, as well as pop culture devotion. You know, the same as any other religion or mythology.

The first arc centered on the relationship between Lucifer (“Luci”) and mortal fan-girl Laura. The arc ended with Luci’s death, which devastated Laura. Yet within that sadness, there was a literal spark of hope. While aimlessly mimicking Lucifer’s characteristic finger snapping, Laura caused a brief flame to ignite. At this point in the story, the full Pantheon had not emerged; it was possible that Laura’s destiny was to become one of the remaining deities. In essence she might be promoted from groupie to spotlight star in her own right.
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Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

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The Rough Guide To Secret Wars


It’s almost summer of 2015 which means Marvel comics will be dropping another event much to the delight of comics shops & corporate shareholders. But this time around feels a little different, this time we are getting something bigger, something different and something that feels like uncharted territory. Starting in May of 2015 and going throughout the summer and beyond, Marvel comics will possibly alter, stop publishing or shake up their entire universe in it’s Secret Wars initiative. Instead of Avengers comics there will be a series of titles upon titles that appear out of continuity. What is going on here? What does this all mean? Is there anything worth reading out of all this? Let’s try an extrapolate what we know below.

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