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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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COMIC OF THE WEEK! FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #4

fbp_cv4When I was a child and just beginning my life long obsession with storytelling and the way that it conveyed ideas I remember my father explaining science fiction to me as fiction that isn’t real by our current understanding of physical law but could be real within those same parameters. I was always fascinated by that concept that those ideas could be possible.  I’ve always thought that Big Bang Theory stereotype about sci-fi fans was completely off base. Yes there are people that obsess way too much about the Marvel Universe, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings but great science fiction is more than that. Great science fiction penetrates all aspects of our popular culture. It’s films like Oscar nominee’s Inception or District 9, our popular television series like Lost or The Walking Dead and prose like The Hunger Games or World War Z. That type of science fiction is about pulling in the audience based on the wonder of it’s world and then using that world as a mirror of our own. I don’t know if FBP will ever have the cultural impact of the titles mentioned above but I do know that it hit’s the same notes for me and in a week where I was reading a metric fuck ton of comic books including work by some personal favorite like Brian K Vaughan, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Wood, Jason Aaron and Scott Snyder this comic continues to stick out every week as one of the best books on the shelf.

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Each week, the NBC Staff will share various comics we think are worthy to be your pull list.  These issues will be picked based upon just how excited we are for them to come out.  We dig them, and you might too.

Feel free to let us know what YOU think WE should be reading in the comment section below.

You gotta feel it in your Soule…Ukerupp thinks you should try:

AUG130187 Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel

This guy Charles Soule is one to keep your eye on.  I’m calling it now, he will go down in the books as one of the best writers of this generation.  I don’t read Superman, and I only read Wonder Woman in trades so I am not caught up, but I will be picking this up.

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Freeze Frame The Weeks Best Moments 9/11/2013 (UPDATED)

Mo’ Comics, Mo’ Moments. Here are some of our favorite moments of the week. What were some of your own?

Patrickhess1 freezes…

FBP #3
By Robert Rodriguez and Simon Oliver

Does this qualify as String Theory?

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