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Freeze Frame 10/16/2015

From Clandestino #1 by Amancay Nahuelpan
From Clandestino #1 by Amancay Nahuelpan

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Freeze Frame 9/18/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy

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Freeze Frame 7/31/2015

From Guardians Team Up #8 by Bengal
From Guardians Team Up #8 by Bengal

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (7/29/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
Donald Duck #3
‘The Siege of Nothing Atoll’-when an island-dwelling mad scientist sics his super-weapons on Scrooge’s Money Bin, it’s up to Donald to take the bad guy down!
“IDW has done a fine job bringing back the spirit of my favorite Disney character. This issue starts a new adventure where Donald finds himself as the only line of defense against a mad scientist set on stealing Uncle Scrooge’s money bin. At 40 pages, these issues are a great value, containing a mixture of short and long-form stories of Duckberg’s most famous son.” 

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2015 Harvey Award Nominations

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Fraction & DeConick Sign Deal With Universal For TV Adaptations


Writers and married couple Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConick of Sex Criminals, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye & Bitch Planet signed a two year deal with Universal for adaptations of their creator owned work onto television. The first project in development is Fraction & Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals. More details at Deadline

Review of Sex Criminals #13

SexCriminals_13By Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Where did we leave this one off? Suzie and Jon were on the heroic adventure of tracking down other folks who are familiar with “The Quiet” and recruiting them for the fight against the Sex Police. Sounded like a great idea… that is until they ran into a Japanese anime cum angel which emerges whenever Douglas D. Douglas… well, you know. After a hilarious issue #12, Fraction and Zdarsky follow it up with one of my favorite issues of the series.

In issue #13 we get another origin story of a new character. Sex Criminals is great for so many reasons; one of them being that it can be very relatable. There was very early praise for Fraction’s realistic characterization of Suzie and issue #13 reminds me of Sex Criminals debut when we first met the protagonist. Here we meet Alix, who is asexual, an identity which does not have a strong representation in comics. Fraction and Zdarsky present a terrific human introduction to asexuality. This is coming from the guys who have a sex tips book which is sitting on my bedside table. They lay out an interesting progression of Alix from child to young adult as she experiences the pressure of sexual activity. I’m impressed with the focus Fraction puts on Alix still wanting relationships, whatever they may be, boyfriend, girlfriend or just friend, just not the sex part of those relationships. We follow her sexual journey as she comes to accept herself, which is both touching and of course hilarious.

So has the question popped into your mind yet? If she doesn’t like sex, how is she one of the sex recruits? Well, it turns out that sex is not the only way to find The Quiet. Alix enters The Quiet by base jumping with no parachute. Halfway down the world stops and the ground becomes a cushion for her to land safely.

This issue is a really great representation of a new character; however, it still has the Fraction and Zdarsky touch. There are not as many penises as last issue, but there is a fantastic scene of Alix reluctantly approaching a penis for oral sex. This is yet another shade of fantastic from Fraction and Zdarsky, portraying very real characters and real relationships, while finding the real humor in our everyday genital interactions.

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