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This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Writers

Here we go; what is annually our most debated list both internally and in the comments, here is our ten favorite writers of 2015. Some new faces, some old face’s and some surprising rankings. Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Writers

Freeze Frame 11/13/2015

From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown
From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown

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NYCC: Panel Roundup

NYCC panel

Over the past couple weeks, Nothing But Comics has been providing a variety of coverage on the 2015 New York Comic Con. From the creators to the cosplayers they inspire, we have offered reflections on the different facets of fandom. The last in this series of articles is a compilation of comments from some of the panels attended during the convention.

Coverage of Valiant’s Book of Death and Beyond Panel can be found here & here.

At the Dark Horse Comics Classified Panel, there were a few announcements, but the main pleasure was hearing the creators discuss their craft. These observations included a healthy sense of humor, such as when Matt Kindt was asked what it was like playing the role of both writer and artist on a series. He replied that collaborating with himself was a pleasure, as “most of my deadlines get along.” For his part, Brian Wood offered that he always wants to be enthusiastic about the art in one of his titles. His wish is to be a “fanboy” of it just like any other reader.
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NYCC: James Latour in Artists Alley

imageI doubt I was the only reader struck by the art in this week’s installment of Southern Bastards. Latour’s contribution to this series has always been strong, capturing the rural sensibilities of Craw County. This issue though featured a new lushness, especially in the river sequence. I asked Latour about this and he said it was a conscious choice for #11’s protagonist.  Latour explained that it was necessary in order to convey one of the essential elements of Boone’s character.  Boone has rejected town life for what he considers a more authentic “country” lifestyle.  The art needed to reflect this conviction, so that the reader could understand Boone’s deep rooted connection to the natural world. The result is some of the most striking pages of the series too date.



Freeze Frame 10/9/2015

From Siege #4 by Pere Pepe Larez & Ian Herring
From Siege #4 by Pepe Larez & Ian Herring

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (10/7/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
Paper Girls #1
“A new comic from Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang. That’s it, why would you need to know more? Is there anything that could make
you NOT want to read this? I would try the first issue even if the synopsis was, ” A story of sloths playing chess with no timer.” So, yeah, you
could say I’m excited for this.”

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Freeze Frame 7/31/2015

From Guardians Team Up #8 by Bengal
From Guardians Team Up #8 by Bengal

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2015 Harvey Award Nominations

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