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Struggling for Legitimacy


Watchmen. The Dark Knight Returns. When comics tried breaking into the mainstream, these were shown to demonstrate that they could and do possess literary value. But how can you disprove the belief that comics is more about Superheroes when you use Superheroes as your main argument?

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Where Marvel and DC Fail, Power Rangers Succeed


In the age of the Comic-Book Blockbuster, where there’s a plethora of debate over violence, casting, tone, story, release, innovation, respect for the past, and diversity, one franchise predated all of this and will likely outlast it, Saban’s Power Rangers.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Reformed Heroes


In honor of the film about the guy who breaks into places and steals things before becoming a Super-Hero, here’s 10 people that have gone from the dark to the light…



“Like another entry on this list, Al Simmons was not entirely a good man. He was a killer, and a mercenary. After his betrayal and death by his employer, Al sold his soul for another chance to be with his wife, but instead got bonded to a demonic suit and chosen to lead an army to the Apocalypse. Eventually, he took control of his destiny and rewrote reality to hopefully give its people and himself a new start.”

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Multiple New Spiderman Series, New Blade Ongoing & Squirrel Girl Is Coming Back

SQGIRL2015B001-Cover-8cdb6On the final day of San Diego Comic Con, Marvel made a slew of announcements for new titles. Robbie Thompson of Silk will be writing a new all ages Spiderman series focusing on Peter Parker as a high school student. Former Deadpool team of Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness will be working together on a new Spiderman vs Deadpool miniseries so that Marvel can print more money. Writer Tim Seely of Grayson, Revival, Batman Eternal & Hack/Slash will be writing an ongoing series on Blade with Logan Faerber of Adventure Time, Oh, Killstrike & Hawken: Genesis. Best of all & most importantly, Squirrel Girl will return in the All New All Different Marvel relaunch with the returning creative team of Ryan North & Erica Henderson. Details here, here & here at CBR

Tuesday Top Ten: Best Legacy Heroes


In honor of the upcoming film starring a character taking up a previous hero’s mantle,  here are our ten picks for heroes who have done just that!

Flash 123

#10.The Flash-Barry Allen:

“A Silver-Age reinvention of the Golden Age character, Barry Allen shares many traits with his predecessor. Not the least of which, he inspired HIS own future replacement, Wally West. So in a way, Barry works two ways as a Legacy hero in honoring the past and making way for the future generations of the Flash!”

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