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Freeze Frame 10/9/2015

From Siege #4 by Pere Pepe Larez & Ian Herring
From Siege #4 by Pepe Larez & Ian Herring

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Freeze Frame 9/18/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy

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Freeze Frame 8/21/2015

From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas
From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas

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Freeze Frame 5/1/2015

From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato
From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato

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Freeze Frame 3/20/2015

From Chronauts #1 by Sean Murphy
From Chrononauts #1 by Sean Murphy

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Review of All New Captain America #1

300px-All-New_Captain_America_Vol_1_1by Rick Remender & Stuart Immonen

In All New Captain America #1 the comic kicks in the door and drops in with high flying non stop action leaping right into the new status quo head first. It’s a tense and exhilarating issue of the relaunched title that pulls no punches in delivering on it’s premise right from the jump as we start with Sam Wilson in full Captain America garb flying into a hydra facility only to watch things get crazier going forward.  Similar to the fantastic opening of Axis, writer Rick Remender just goes for it here while still managing to input his unique sensibilities into the characterization of the three main actors in the book. It’s tight and concise in it’s story telling while giving  a lot with a little. Artist Stuart Immonen is in full force and probably the star of the book as his layouts, line work and the way he makes the action feel fluid and natural takes everything to the next level. While Bendis would generally give him a few big pages in All New X-Men to let loose this has him going 100% from beginning to end and it’s a fantastic showcase for Immonen abilities. All New Captain America is a strong debut for the status quo shift of the title in that it bypasses all the fluff and get’s right into the meat of the story head on. There is a lot riding on this stories success but Remender and Immonen come out swinging and it’s a knockout on the first punch.