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Freeze Frame 8/28/2015

From Ragnarok #6 by Walt Simonson & Laura Martin
From Ragnarok #6 by Walt Simonson & Laura Martin

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2015 Harvey Award Nominations

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DC Has Another Superman Mini-Series & Batman Is Hanging With The Turtles

Untitled-2-f3754DC will have another Superman mini-series titled Superman: American Alien written by film & Adventures Of Superman writer Max Landis with a different artist on each issue like Jock, Nick Dragotta, Jae Lee, Joelle Jones & more.

Meanwhile, writer James Tynion IV of Constantine: The Hellblazer, Ufology, The Woods & Talon will be teaming up Batman with the Teenage Mutant Turtles. Freddie Williams II of JSA, Mister Miracle & Robin.

Freeze Frame 6/19/2015

From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch
From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch

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The Potential of Venus De Milo

venus imageTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation was not a very good show. It just wasn’t. The jokes were painfully juvenile, the Turtles were at their most stereotypical, and someone thought it would be a good idea to play stock cartoon sound effects with every movement the Turtles made. The most controversial decision, though, had to be the introduction of Mei Pieh Chi, better known as Venus De Milo. She was intended to be the fifth turtle, but ended up a character so unpopular that she’s basically been declared an unperson by Peter Laird. But why is she so unpopular? Aside from the apparent belief that girl turtles have cooties, I can think of two big reasons: her origin and how poorly written she was. Continue reading The Potential of Venus De Milo

Here’s a Sneak Peek at IDW’s Ninja Turtles Spinoff

The IDW Turtle ‘verse just keeps getting bigger. Just yesterday, they’ve announced the newest spinoff series, The Cheetah Girls. I was fortunate enough to score an interview, character sheet, and sample comics from their newest and relatively unknown writer and artist, Alan Smithee.

Me: So, Mr. Smithee, what can you tell me about your newest series?

Smithee: Well, in Turtles Forever, it was confirmed that there exists a multiverse with an infinite number of versions of Ninja Turtles. I thought to myself, “now Alan, how can you create a version of the Ninja Turtles that is virtually unrecognizable, yet fundamentally similar?” Then it came to me that the core of the Ninja Turtles isn’t the fact that they’re ninjas or turtles, but rather a family. I decided to focus on that instead of the novelty of ninja turtles.

Me: But why mutant cheetahs?

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TMNT 2003 Series Retrospective Part One: Episodes 1-3

An Introduction

In the 1980s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took the world by storm. The Mirage comics, originally a parody of the popular comics of the day, became a surprise hit, and was later picked up for a cartoon. The cartoon, though fun in its own right, removed most of the grittier aspects of the original, even censoring the use of Michelangelo’s nunchuks, and in Europe, changing the name to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. But, after the awful third movie and the end of the cartoon, the Turtles products began to take a dip in quality. There was another, lesser known live action show, the Next Mutation, that should probably stay lesser known, considering the quality of the acting, the cartoon sound effects, and the characterization. All things considered, the Turtles were in a bit of a slump.

Then, something changed. On Saturday mornings and Cartoon Network, there was a new animated version of the Ninja Turtles, one that went back to gritty roots of the original comic, adapting many of the most famous storylines while still creating a mythos of its own. It was epic in scope and popular in its heyday, but, after it ended and the new cartoon came out, it seems to have become largely forgotten. I’m here to rectify that with this little retrospective, where over time, I hope to look at every episode from season one through four and beyond, starting with the opening arc: Mousers Attack. I will warn you, though, beware because here there be spoilers.

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Why Do We Need Superman Anyway?

I’m a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by his choice of favorite Ninja Turtle. Obviously, if you prefer Donatello, you’re into math and science. If you like Mikey, you’re laid back and fun loving, and if you like Raph, you’ve got a rebellious streak. But what about Leonardo? Does that mean that you’re a boring stick in the mud as many have called him?* Why is it that people don’t really care much for Leo?
Or how about Superman? One of the major criticisms of Superman is that he’s incredibly dull. Why is it that we think of the more paragon-like characters as uninteresting? Obviously, there’s more than one reason why, and, like humanity itself, it’s very complex. Even I, the know-it-all that I am, don’t know why. Perhaps, in this day and age, we are looking less for heroes in red capes tossing the bad guys in prison, and more for heroes who just kill them, Punisher-style. Perhaps we need heroes more like the Elite.

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