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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Pilot Review


(Minor Spoilers)


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is very much a genre show that doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. In that regard, it’s an acceptable offering in the slow season of television. Judged against the shows it springs from, and shows on other networks, it is lacking in many ways.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Best Legacy Heroes


In honor of the upcoming film starring a character taking up a previous hero’s mantle,  here are our ten picks for heroes who have done just that!

Flash 123

#10.The Flash-Barry Allen:

“A Silver-Age reinvention of the Golden Age character, Barry Allen shares many traits with his predecessor. Not the least of which, he inspired HIS own future replacement, Wally West. So in a way, Barry works two ways as a Legacy hero in honoring the past and making way for the future generations of the Flash!”

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The Secret Origin (and Super-Funny Videos) of Patrick Willems

Filmmaker Patrick Willems has created numerous YouTube videos that make good-humored fun of our favorite comics characters and creators.  These creative, well-crafted videos provide comedic observations of comics culture, and portray funny, brilliant concepts, such as an Aquaman television drama, epic superhuman battles between comics creators, and alternate universe superhero movies made by iconic directors. Wanting to know more about the creator of these hilarious videos, Nothing But Comics emailed Willems to ask him questions about his background, his process for making videos, and his interest in comics.

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Continuity Is The Devil: Flash Rebirth


The excellent War Rocket Ajax podcast has undergone the ambitious task of ranking every comic book story ever over the last year. While this is partially tongue in cheek, completely subjective and totally dependent on the stories sent in by the listeners, it’s also enlightening to hear the hosts take on comic book canon. One of the criteria they take into consideration is the the title’s legacy, what influence did it have on comics in general and continuity for future stories. Continuity is a tricky thing, as we’ve alluded to in the past, Tom Breevort probably said it best as labeling it “a tool” that can be used to enhance a story and in a vacuum that’s great but unfortunately it often means much more than that. Continuity shouldn’t matter for the quality of a story, but because that story is going to affect continuity, it’s also going to effect future stories for better or worst. Moreover, fans have often demanded that DC or Marvel books be in-continuity in order for those stories to “matter” in the broader sense, which is stupid but also a reality of creating comics at DC or Marvel. It’s basically a dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t situation. Make it out of continuity and it doesn’t matter, make it in-continuity and you have to consider how this story will effect corporate comics for generations. And, yes, you can “make your own continuity,” but no matter what you think in your head, it’s not going to change the comics that are being published here in the real world that are based on past events in their respective character’s mythology. It’s going to affect your comics whether you like it or not, and while yes you can pretend it’s whatever you want it to be, that doesn’t stop the comics coming after it from being informed by its past. That’s the thing about Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver’s Flash Rebirth. In and of itself, it’s fantastic, but the byproduct of the book takes away a lot of what made the modern age version of The Flash or DC Comics interesting and important. In the end, it’s net consequence of what the story did for future books far outweighs its own stories merits.

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Flash Month’s Early Arrival

Flash Darwyn Cooke

Before the idea for Flash February or even Flash Appreciation Day was an inkling in the brain-trust of NothingButComics, DC had the idea to turn January into a variant month prominently showing the Scarlett Speedster. To help close out Flash February I thought it would be nice to look over some of the covers that struck me for one reason or another.

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The History of the Flash – An Interview with Steve Korté


All this month, Nothing But Comics is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the DC Comics superhero, the Flash!  As part of our “Flash February” celebration, we contacted Steve Korté – the librarian for DC Comics and a past editor of several books on the history of the company and its characters – to get his thoughts on the history of the Flash.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Important Flash Creators


Many creators have added their own bit of lightning to the Scarlet Speedster, but a select few have become essential in making him as enduring as he as become. Here are ten creators, writers and artists, without whose work we wouldn’t have the Flash we know and love today…

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