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Freeze Frame 9/4/2015

From We Stand On Guard #3 by Steve Skroce & Matt Hollingsworth
From We Stand On Guard #3 by Steve Skroce & Matt Hollingsworth

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New Kickstarter With Work From Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Cullen Bunn & more

There is a new anthology titled Broken Frontier that is currently on Kickstarter and features work from professionals like Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Cullen Bunn, Alison Sampson, Box Brown,  INJ Culbard, Josha Hale Fialkov, Marguerite Bennet, Nathan Fox, Noah Van Sciver, Phil Hester, Ryan Kelly, Serve Orlando, Toby Cypress, Tom Rainey & more. $12 get’s you the PDF. More details and the backing info on Kickstarter

Freeze Frame 3/19/2014

So good to be back-Pat
by Chris Samnee from Daredevil #1

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Freeze Frame 2/18/2014

by Tyler Jenkins from Peter Panzerfaust #17

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Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo feels compelled to read . . .

Unwritten: Apocalypse #2
By Yuko Shimizu

 One of the many pleasures of this series has been Shimizu’s consistently fabulous covers. . .

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Review of White Suits #1

24061by Frank Barbierie and Toby Cypress

If your not familiar with Frank Barbierie yet get ready because you are going to be hearing a lot about him in the very near future. Barbierie has spent years doing self published work before last years Five Ghosts from Image Comics hit mainstream comics like a freight train. Five Ghosts felt like a revelation in modern pulp genre but Chris Mooneyham’s fantastic illustrations overshadowed Barbierie’s writing in some regards and the conclusion of it’s first arc didn’t quite live up to it’s premise. Here we see Barbierie continuing his infiltration of main stream comics with creator owned work and much like the debut of Five Ghosts the first issue of White Suits delivers in spades. Aided by veteran illustrator Toby Cypress White Suits explodes off the page with a hyper stylized violent opening salvo into the world of the White Suits. This is a gritty crime mystery first and foremost about mob bosses in New York City, the mysterious group of assassins that are wiping them out in mass and a man trying to discover his connection to the organization through his hazy memory. Cypress’s illustrations have a sort of Sean Murphy style of visual story telling that let one image flow into another to create narrative while his drawing style lies somewhere in between rough lines of Paul Pope and Sam Keith creating a dark and dirty visual urban landscape for his wild eyed gangsters to fight out in within the pages. Color is used sparingly but is excellent in spots hedging toward bright reds, oranges and greens representing action and movement. Barbierie does a great job setting up the world and giving you just enough so you’ll crave seeing what’s next. It’s clear that as a writer his strength is in building a world and drawing the reader to dive in head first. This is a phenomenal first issue that crime noir fiction fans don’t want to miss. A stunning debut that lives up to the hype.