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Freeze Frame 6/23/2017

From The Old Gaurd #5 by Leandro Fernandez & Daniela Miwa

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Freeze Frame 5/19/2017

From The Spirit The Corpse Makers #3 by Francesco Francavilla

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Kurt Busiek Shares His Favorite Fantasy Fiction

If you like epic fantasy, you should be reading The Autumnlands.  Written by Kurt Busiek and illustrated by artist Benjamin Dewey with colorist Jordie Bellaire, the Image Comics fantasy series features anthropomorphic animal characters in a world where magic is dying, and a confused champion from another world may be their only hope of salvation.

As fans of the series, we were curious about writer Kurt Busiek’s favorite fantasy fiction, so we sent superhero the Fighting Yank (via Twitter) to ask him about his favorite fantasy novels, comics, and stories.


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