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Top Five Comic-Themed Casino Slots

We have all grown up reading graphic comics of Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc. Teenage girls end up having a massive crush on them and teenage boys idealize them as their heroes. There are so many instances when kids have tried imitating their favorite spiderman and jumped off the roof or have performed dangerous acts hoping that their favorite hero would come and save them. But alas! Nothing of that sort has ever happened. We are however not trying to highlight on the tragic side of it, in fact, what we are trying to point out is the madness that is involved in the comics characters. The game makers have taken full advantage of this theme and invented superhero slots for legal online casinos to their and our advantage. Other than slots, our friends at this remarkable site have published a bunch of super-hero games seeing that the demand is high just for casino goers and comic fanatics to enjoy online.

Marvel Comic Superhero Characters

The most popular superhero characters of the Marvel comics were:

  1. Wolverine
  2. Captain America
  3. Daredevil
  4. Deadpool
  5. Thor
  6. Captain America
  7. Hulk
  8. Cyclops
  9. Nightcrawler
  10. Fantastic
  11. Nick Fury
  12. Human Torch
  13. Iceman
  14. Punisher
  15. Silver surfer
  16. Professor X

These are only to name a few. In reality, there are around two hundred such larger than life characters that thrill you not only while you read and see them as comic characters but also when you play them on online casinos.

Top 5 Superhero Slot Games  in Online Casinos

The popularity of comic book movies has reached such an unusual height that the superhero slots have become one of the most requested slot games by people. These legal online casinos offer many no deposit bonuses, that can be used on playing free slot games and the player can also win some real money prizes along the way. Here is a list of 5 best superheroes themed slot games for you.

  1. The Dark Knight Rises: as you have already guessed, this game is based on the Batman movies starring Ben Affleck and Christian Bale as Batman, that was a huge hit. The game is no less a hit than the movie itself. Play for yourself and you will know.
  2. Marvel’s Spiderman Slot: is there any superhero who has been glorified more than spiderman? I don’t think there is. The swiftness and flexibility of Spiderman have always baffled us. And when you get to play the spiderman himself you feel godly powers have entered in you already. Don’t miss the game is all we are saying.
  3. Iron Man-the Ultimate Superhero Slot Game: should we thank Rober Downer Junior for popularizing ironman or is it the other way round? Iron man is the biggest superhero of all times. The strongest, sturdiest and most concrete of all. The name itself suggests no one can beat him. Do not miss the chance to play the ironman yourself. Play the game today.
  4. Thor Slot Machine: 2013 released American superhero film, Thor: The Dark World swept the world off its feet. No one who came out of the theatre looked disappointed with the movie. The game makers have promised the same or even better actions than what has been shown in the film. Go for it.
  5. Captain America Superhero Slot Machine: imagine yourself as Captain America and fighting Hitler’s chief of weapons, just like they showed in The Avengers I. Sounds thrilling isn’t it? Play the game to experience that thrill in real.

Play these superhero slot games, earn real money and have fun. Thank us later.