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Embracing the Unknown, and New Frontiers


4183330-dc_new_frontier_dlxwm(In honor of Darwyn Cooke’s passing, an examination of his work DC: The New Frontier)

America. The mid-50s. A time of uncertainty, Government abusing its authority while at the same time seemingly unable or unconcerned with protecting the people that bestow it the power it has. Yet, a force urges America and its citizens onward. Something compels them to look up, and away, and ahead of their troubles.But what is that force?  Continue reading Embracing the Unknown, and New Frontiers

All-Star Batman #9 Review


By Scott Snyder, Jock, Lee Loughridge, Steve Wands, Francisco Francavillia

Snyder wraps up the second arc of his new Bat-book, revealing the grand architect of the planet destroying virus. All the common tropes are here that we expect from modern Batman stories, but do they land? Continue reading All-Star Batman #9 Review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 Review


By Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya, Matt Herms, Ed Dukeshire, Ryan Ferris, Bachan, Timothy Farrell, Jim Campbell

The Rangers seek to end Rita’s occupation on Earth, while far in the future (or an alternate timeline) Billy and Tommy try to lead the resistance to Rita’s dominion on Earth without their powers. Continue reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 Review

Moon Knight #13 Review


By Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Jordie Bellaire, VC’s Corey Petit

Once one of Marvel’s strongest titles (thanks to an inspired revamp by Warren Ellis), the current volume of Moon Knight has sort of faded into the mass of books that’s being produced by the publisher without having any reason to stand out. It’s reached 13 issues, which is unusual since this is when most series are relaunched with a new #1. Yet, the story is still going on and that may be the key problem… Continue reading Moon Knight #13 Review

Iron Fist #1 Review


By Ed Brisson, Mike Perkins, Andy Troy, Travis Lanham, Jeff Dekal

Marvel is capitalizing on Danny Rand’s live screen debut with not one, but three books. Three different series with Iron Fist, with the first being David Walker and Sanford Greene’s Power-Man and Iron Fist. Iron Fist #1 by Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins, is the second.

Continue reading Iron Fist #1 Review