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Ask Diamond CEO Steve Geppi About Monopolies, Income Inequality, The Muslim Ban & More Via The ComicWow Facebook Page

option-2Diamond Comics likes to send me useless press releases. A while back, they sent a useless e-mail about ComicWow, a useless ” multi-media marketing hub of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc” Well I’m happy to report that Diamond has finally released a non-useless e-mail in their promotion of ComicWow and their interview with Diamond CEO Steve Geppi. Steve will be taking questions live tomorrow,  2/8/2017 at 2:30 PM EST, on ComicWow’s Facebook page. Based on Steve Geppi’s very public political stance’s & the business practices of his organization; here are some questions you can ask him via ComicWow: Continue reading Ask Diamond CEO Steve Geppi About Monopolies, Income Inequality, The Muslim Ban & More Via The ComicWow Facebook Page

Ike Perlmutter, Marvel Comics & The Muslim Ban

imageA little over a year ago, then Presidential candidate Donald Trump shouted out Marvel Comics C.E.O Ike (short for Issac) Perlmutter during what was basically a paid infomercial for his presidential candidacy disguised as a fundraiser for war veterans. It was, at best, disconcerting. It was later revealed that Perlmutter had donated over $2 million dollars to a super PAC supporting Marco Rubio and $1 million to Donald Trump. At the time, I was like many who wrestled with the idea of continuing to support Marvel comics in the wake of the revelations. Ultimately, I decided that based on the quality of the comics and their adherence to progressive causes I aligned with, it was worth continuing my support of the publisher. Since then, Donald Trump has won the election to become President of the United States by the electoral college, while losing the popular vote by over two million ballots. Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter has now been incorporated into the Trump Administration as part of the Veteran’s Benefits administration while his wife, Laura Perlmutter, was part of the Trump inauguration committee. On Friday of last week (1/27/2016) Donald Trump signed an executive order banning admittance for American visa holders from seven majority Muslim countries for 90 days and banned all refugees from entering or receiving asylum in the United States for 120 days and banned Syrian refugees indefinitely while planning to give preference to Christian Syrians over Muslims when the ban would ultimately be lifted. With the action that the current administration has taken with the executive order, I can no longer use my platform here at Nothing But Comics to support Marvel Comics in good conscious because of CEO Perlmutter’s association with Donald Trump’s presidency. Continue reading Ike Perlmutter, Marvel Comics & The Muslim Ban

DC’s Post Crisis Rebirth: Wonder Woman, George Perez, Gods & Metal

gpww3As a comic book that’s been continuously published over a seventy year period, several creators have had a significant influence on the character of Wonder Woman and her mytho’s. Like many of DC Comics superheros, Wonder Woman was redefined for the modern era following the line wide reboot that was Crisis of Infinite Earths. Like Batman with Frank Miller or Superman with John Byrne, Wonder Woman was taken on by one of comics greatest talents of the time, and within a historical context, one of it’s most important creative talents in George Perez. Fresh off his time illustrating Crisis of Infinite Earths, Perez would do a fresh take on the character that leaned into some of the most interesting and functional elements of her mythology without trying to overly define her in any particular direction or style. It’s not perfect, it’s not on the level of Byrne on Superman or Miller on Batman and it’s not essential in the larger context of the medium. But it’s well crafted, looks fantastic and straight up cool on an elemental level; that doesn’t make for a classic comic per-say but it does make for one that’s evergreen. Continue reading DC’s Post Crisis Rebirth: Wonder Woman, George Perez, Gods & Metal

Change Is The Only Constant: Moebius & The World Of Edena

_20161104_015716Jean Giraud aka Moebius could arguably be the greatest creator in the history of the comics medium with some considerations. Purely as an artist, Moebius is among the most technically adept of all time and his visual narrative was never less then fantastic with his detailed character acting and supreme fluidity of movement within his highly detailed compositions. As a storyteller, his imagination was boundless while his gift for humanism and allegory within his expansive narrative constructs was unparalleled. Outside of his unreal technical cartooning abilities; Moebius had a gift for comics where it’s surrealism, science fiction and fantasy intertwined with boundless imagination and concepts. But while Moebius’s sphere of influence on the medium itself is undeniable, all encompassing and monumental, the awareness for his work among comic book readers lags due to issues of distribution and rights ownership. As the Moebius estate partnered with American publisher Dark Horse Comics in 2015; the iconic cartoonist work will soon be more readily available in the english language then ever before. That began with the release of last week’s The World Of Edena Hardcover. A sprawling collection of work that had been created with over a decade of lag time towards it’s conclusion and it’s final chapters being translated into English for the very first time; The World Of Edena is quintessential Moebius. Continue reading Change Is The Only Constant: Moebius & The World Of Edena

The Professional: On Steve Dillon & His Indelible Mark On Comics

preacher-you-gotta-be-one-of-the-good-guysThere are very few storytellers be they writers, comics illustrators or any number of artists that use their medium to create a narrative, whose greatest work would prominently feature a character named Arseface and have that work be as meaningful to it’s medium as Dillon’s Preacher is. But when you look across Dillon’s bibliography, it’s filled with comics just like that; stories that continuously pushed the margin’s of convention and expectations to find something honest and meaningful. Dillon passed away of a ruptured appendix on Friday, October 21st 2016 at the age of 54; and he would continue to tell these type of stories with his comics work up to the very end. Continue reading The Professional: On Steve Dillon & His Indelible Mark On Comics

This Weeks Finest Year Three

Power Man & Iron Fist 1 Theotis Jones(resize)As we’ve done in years past, I’ve decided to do a numerical analysis on our This Week’s Finest picks at Nothing But Comics for the sites third year. This writing will focus on the writers, artist and publishers who were selected for This Weeks Finest. That said, though it will be similar to the last two posts, there have been some changes to take note of. For the majority of the year, picking This Week’s Finest has been done by three different writers as opposed to years past where there where as many as seven of us picking books. Alex & Dean were still participating in This Week’s Finest at the beginning of the year so the numbers will be skewed a bit in terms of who chose what. Another change is our disclosure policy that we implemented shortly into the start of our third year. Nothing But Comics continues to grow and as such, more publishers are giving us comics for review. In the publisher section, I’ll address this further in the context of the section. Lastly, we all at Nothing But Comics have done a bad job in the past of crediting colorist and the work they did. We’ve made an effort to rectify that in the past year but initially, some of our This Week’s Finest posts still weren’t crediting colorist. As such, I won’t be covering it in this years post but plan on doing so for future postings. Now on to the data, where one publisher came back strong, a few creators made their This Weeks Finest debut’s on multiple occasions and one writer went from being honored zero times last time around to having tied for the most in year three. Continue reading This Weeks Finest Year Three

Superman Two Could’ve Been The First Superhero Film To Win An Oscar Or What The DC Cinematic Universe Should’ve Been

Superman American Alien 6 Ryan Sook

The fallout over Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice continues as a film that was setting sales records opening weekend has now fell behind their main competitors Captain America Civil War in total global box office despite having a two month head start. Executives are being let go and promoted, Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns are now going to be the saviors of the film universe just as current director Zach Snyder was supposed to be after Green Lantern failed to be the studios Iron Man. I have not seen Dawn Of Justice so I have no real insight into what made that particular film not work other then I thought Man of Steel was really stupid and by all indications, Dawn of Justice looked even stupider. Which isn’t to say I don’t want to see another Superman movie, a Superman movie that establishes an expanded DC Universe and as a byproduct  an expanded DC Universe in and of itself; I would absolutely love that. I watch every Marvel & X-Men movie in theaters only because a few of those movies have been legitimately great and they rarely are anything less then decent. It takes a lot for me to not want to see a superhero movie in the theaters but Man of Steel was mostly garbage; so much so that having the same creative minds for the next film combined with the feeling that the film was going out of it’s way to pander to viewers like me, I didn’t see Dawn Of Justice. Keep in mind I saw the Deadpool movie, I hate Deadpool and I love both Batman & Superman with every fiber of my being. I am constantly getting into arguments with non comic readers as to why Superman is amazing, I wrote about it a couple time’s here, my favorite comic of all time is a Batman one which in fact, is a story that Dawn of Justice was primarily based on, But by the time of it’s release, I had no desire to see the first major motion picture featuring both Batman & Superman together in addition to Wonder Woman, The Flash or Cyborg; all comic book character’s that I would also love to see in a movie, just not a movie that is probably terrible. What is so frustrating about DC’s failure to create a Superman movie that is borderline decent is that they had two great possible Superman films sitting right in front of them in Max Landis Superman American: Alien & Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Had someone at the studio had the good sense to work with those film makers visions within a Superman film, they could’ve made at least one good Superman film that would’ve established many of the basic expanded universe concepts cinematic ally and a squeal that was not only an amazing movie, but one that could’ve have also established the larger DC Multiverse within the cinematic one.

Continue reading Superman Two Could’ve Been The First Superhero Film To Win An Oscar Or What The DC Cinematic Universe Should’ve Been

Review of Solo #5

373729._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Darwyn Cooke

There is a notion that something is a creators “best work” and then there is a creator at their best. I’d wager that DC New Frontier is Darwyn Cooke’s best work as an overall comic from start to finish. But if we are talking the cartoonist at his best, that will always be Solo #5; perhaps the greatest showcase for the creators incredibly diverse skill sets and style in addition to being a bittersweet reminder of what could have been. Continue reading Review of Solo #5

A Man Of His Time: The Brief And Wonderous Life Of Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke self-portraitOn John Siuntres Word Balloon Podcast, IDW CEO Ted Adams described comics creator Darwyn Cooke, who passed away on 5/14/2016 from cancer, as an illustrator “that could do anything” which was true, but only in a way that is singular to Cooke. Given the right parameters, most comics illustrators could “draw anything” but a Darwyn Cooke comic had a paticular aesthetic that was was clearly referential to the medium historically while also being idiomatic to only him. So much about Cooke’s style and story was abberant to his peers or collaborators during his time in the industry. While having primarily published the majority of his work with DC Comics, Cooke was the rare big name creative talent that never had a definitive run with the big name properties, yet the imprint he left on the publisher and comics themselves is undeniable. Continue reading A Man Of His Time: The Brief And Wonderous Life Of Darwyn Cooke

The Wicked+The Divine, Prince & Modern Pop Music

“Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me?”

The Wicked + The Divine 6On April 21st, 2016, popular music lost one of it’s most innovative and important artists in the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, or as he’s most often to referred to as, Prince. The singer’s death caused a mixture of emotional outpourings from fellow musicians, those in the record industry, music writers & fans alike. As a solo artist, Prince touched so many peoples lives in different ways while being one of the most prolific and forward thinking artist of the 20th century. Skewing genre, Prince’s DNA can be found across the modern pop landscape in rock, EDM, hip hop & modern R&B in equal measure. One only needs to take a cursory listen to Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, A$AP Rocky, MIA, Diplo, Miguel, Fetty Wap, MGMT, Frank Ocean, Skrillex, Young Thug or any  number of popular musical artists and hear Prince’s DNA engrained within the sound. So when the prolific creative partnership of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson & Clayton Cowles teamed up to create the ongoing creator owned series, The Wicked+The Divine, a comic book where several pop star analogues are made as gods visiting earth for a brief two years and thrown into modern celebrity culture, a character representing Prince was a no brainer, even if they held back on revealing very much about the character until the books second arc. Based on the Summerian god of love, fertility & warfare, Inanna arrived in issue six of the series fully realized and instantly recognizable as Prince. But in the wake of the artists untimely passing, looking at how The Wicked+The Divine explores Prince through the symbolism of Inanna & the Pantheon in the fandemonium arc and how his legacy influenced the analogue character’s explored in Commercial Suicide gives a fascinating portrait of modern popular music, Prince’s place in it and how we got here. Continue reading The Wicked+The Divine, Prince & Modern Pop Music