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Podcast Episode Seventy Five

Say you’re a new reader; maybe you were brought into comic from a charachter you like, maybe you’re just interested in the medium, maybe you saw a movie and became curious, or maybe a friend brought you in. The big question can be “Where do I start?” and that’s a difficult one, as there are thousands upon thousands of comics titles and volumes to choose from. Wel,l the NBC crew has you covered. On our seventy fifth episode, were are going to give you the guide to start your collection with $75 on Amazon or Instocktrades.com. Dean, Alex & Pat each make a list of mutiple titles you can buy off the e-commerce sites, all for a total of $75 that are essential to the medium, and great starting points for new readers. Each list is unique, so you can pick out one you like, or mix and match with what was suggested, along with supplemental material. Listen, and learn the best collections to make the jump down the rabbit hole that is comics reading.

San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

There is a flurry of announcements coming out San Diego Comic Con, this is some of the news that’s been revealed so far from the largest comics convention Continue reading San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

Bucking the Inhumans


While the MCU has been a tremendous success in box office receipts, critical acclaim, and fan reception, one dark spot has been the recent Iron Fist series leading up to The Defenders on Netflix. While that was the dark horse of the Marvel’s properties on the streaming side, in retrospect, concern should’ve been placed when Scott Buck was tapped as the show runner. Buck’s last high profile work was also met with criticism and ire, and now he’s bringing the Inhumans to the small screen… Continue reading Bucking the Inhumans

Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

swamp_thing_035_01-231Part two of our top fifty runs of all time podcast going from 25 to 1 featuring discussions on The Flash by Carmine Infantino, Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra’s Y The Last Man, Nick Fury by Jim Steranko, Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Spiderman by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and more. Click below for the rankings Continue reading Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two


Nothing But Comics has hit our three year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite comics creators all time. Last week was Cosmo, this week is Itho. Continue reading TUESDAY TOP FIFTEEN: OUR FAVORITE CREATORS Josh

This Year’s Finest 2015: Secret Wars Show’s Me A Hero

Screenshot_2015-05-06-20-57-01~2During it’s era that the publisher labeled as Marvel Now, the line of superhero titles was marked with excellent individual ongoing series paired with bad crossovers & limp events. But while the series of that era like Thor, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Moon Knight & others are sure to go down as some of the most important comics of their time, it’s notable that Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers probably won’t be listed among them or at least didn’t feel that way in real time as it was wildly inconsistent in quality despite having one of comics best modern writer. So perhaps it’s irony or just a natural byproduct of Hickman’s vision on the book, but it’s turned out that  his best work during Marvel Now comes at the conclusion of that period on Secret Wars, the publishers biggest crossover event ever. Still, that context is somewhat reductive as Hickman, Ribic & Svocina’s Secret Wars has completely upended the notion of an event book, superhero continuity constraints & the Marvel fictional universe in and of itself to create one of the best comics of 2015 by reverse engineering all of Marvel’s past story cannon as a meta-textual commentary on the publisher fictional history, where by changing one key detail explains the essential quality of what it means to be a superhero. Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: Secret Wars Show’s Me A Hero