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Freeze Frame 11/11/2017

From Injection #15 by Declay Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire

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Freeze Frame 4/28/2017

From Mother Panic #6 by Shawn Crystal & Jean-Francious Beaulieu

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This Week’s Finest: Doom Patrol #6

by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tom Fowler & Tamra Bonvillain

The Doom Patrol relaunch from Gerard Way, Nick Derington & Tamra Bonvillain has been consistently delightful and reverent from the outset, with a level of craft and imagination that beget’s it’s continued improvement with each new issue. In this week’s installment, the teams approach to story is further refined while the addition of Tom Fowler as inker takes the already excellent visual element of the series to a whole new stratosphere. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Doom Patrol #6

Rick and Morty #12 Review


By Tom Fowler, CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill, CRANK!
Tom Fowler continues the feels in this tense family drama.
Slowly realizing Rick and Morty’s absence, Jerry, Beth, and Summer come to the conclusion that they died on one of their adventures.  As they try to come together to heal, Rick and Morty are actually fighting for their survival in the memories of a parallel Rick to prepare for a coming invasion.
Fowler’s script is surprisingly emotional for a comic about an animated comedy and raises the level of depth that the series can provide. All the while being classic Rick and Morty material, Rick’s plan is once again reminiscent of “Inception” (despite his claim that the movie makes no sense), and while that is going on Jerry and Beth are arguing over Rick’s presence in their lives. None of this is out of character or even derivative of the show, as Fowler manages to put a unique twist on he situations to keep them fresh.
CJ Cannon gets to hit both barrels art wise, on heart wrenching family scenes and action packed laser-filled panels. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, never before as an artist and a series been so perfect for each other.
Rick and Morty #12 raises the bar for the series, and provides a great sample of the show for dedicated fans while also just being a great comic.
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