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Freeze Frame 6/2/2017

From Image+ #14 by Vanesa R Del Rey & Jordie Bellaire

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Image Announces New Titles From Lemire, Kot, Del Duca, Shalvey & more At ECCC

c5-nme5wmae5fysOn Thursday, Image Comics announced several new series during a panel at Emerald City Comic Con. Writer Jeff Lemire will team with artist Phil Hester for a new ongoing title,  Ales Kot announced two new series with artist Tradd Moore and Andre Lima Arujo, Declan Shalvey will be writing and drawing an original graphic novel,  Jordie Bellaire will be writing and coloring a new ongoing series with Vanessa Del Rey on art, Leila Del Duca will be illustrating a ongoing title written by Sarah Vaughan, Klaus Janson will be writing and drawing his first creator owned comic with additional illustrations by Pablo Raimondi, Matt Wagner will be completing his iconic Mage title and Lumberjanes co-creator Grace Ellis will be launching a new ongoing series with illustrator Shae Beagle. Additional new titles were also announced by Joe Casey & Ulises Farinas, Joe Keating, Justin Jordan & his beard, plus more. Details at CBR


Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo prepares himself for . . .

The Fade Out 12 Sean Phillips
The Fade Out #12 by Sean Phillips

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Freeze Frame 9/18/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy

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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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Freeze Frame 5/1/2015

From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato
From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato

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Indubitable Issues




Dean bets on the Dark Horse…
Past Aways #2
This is not your ordinary time travel book. Mix the beautiful mind of Matt Kindt with the fun cartoony style of Scott Kolins and you get a uniquely fun adventure story. Stay tuned for my review on Past Aways #2 today.

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Review of Scarlet Witch #1

Scarlet Witch 1 David Aja
David Aja

By James Robinson. Vanesa Del Rey & Jordie Belaire

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, has gone through many variations over the decades. She debuted as an Evil Mutant, reformed as a heroine, joined the Avengers, retired from the Avengers to seek out the quiet life, returned to the Avengers, became mentally unbalanced, restructured reality, disappeared and returned to the Avengers. During that time she has been a loyal sister, devoted wife, conflicted daughter, nurturing mother and vengeful murderer. Even answering usually straightforward questions such as who her parents are gets complicated, depending on what period of her history fans are discussing. It is a bit of a minefield for any writer wade into. Yet, that is exactly what James Robinson proposes with his new ongoing series. Each installment will explore a different facet of her complex legacy.
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Hit 1957 #2 Review

Hit1957_002_A_Main-651x1000by Bryce Carlson and Vanesa R. Del Ray

Detectives Slater and Sticky survive a close call that almost had them explaining to IA why they had a bloody, dead body in a hotel room.

Slater is determined to deal with his business in California and get to Las Vegas to see Bonnie. The pressure gets to him, and he takes it out on Sticky and Slick Ricky.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is making the best of her situation in Las Vegas. Technically a captive, her guard Vincent allows her small windows of freedom which she uses to plan her escape to Tijuana, as long as she can live a few more days.

The story has seemingly gotten more complex in a month’s time, as I’ve had to re-familiarize myself with these characters and their goals. A character sheet or a recap page would be helpful.

The art by Del Ray is a mixed bag. Some panels look very good, with the characters possibly drawn with a charcoal/pastel combo that makes the art feel more organic. However, the bar fight scene feels very stiff and the movements don’t feel natural.

Overall: The plot thickens, with the cast facing obstacles to their perspective goals. If you don’t readily recall the details of issue #1, you may get lost. The art by Del Ray is enjoyable except for some brief rough patches.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent.