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Advance Review: Hell is Abuzz about HELLBOY IN HELL #7


Hellboy in Hell #7 – Art and story by Mike Mignola, colors by Dave Stewart, and lettering by Clem Robins

This August, in Hellboy in Hell #7, Dark Horse Comics will publish the first chapter of a two-part story, “The Hounds of Pluto.”  The story – written and illustrated by Mike Mignola, with colors by Dave Stewart – continues Hellboy’s infernal afterlife adventures.  Although Hellboy in Hell #7 won’t be sold on Earth until late August, advance copies have made their way to Hell, and the comic is all the denizens of that bleak realm can talk about.  Here is a sampling of the commentary from Hell:

Hellboy in Hell #7 continues the posthumous fantasy adventures of Hellboy among the damned.  The protagonist finds himself dangerously ill and in the company of kind doctors who – unable to help him – refer him to Dr. Hoffmann.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hoffmann is threatened by a vengeful adversary, and Hellboy gets caught up in all the commotion.” – Stultus, Infernal Lord of Unsatisfying Summaries

“The ill Hellboy has a vision of England, where he once met his doom; he encounters an old friend who shares a prophecy of hope, but also gloom.” – Versus, Damned Muse of Awful Poets

“If you’re like me and you enjoy the Hellboy mythology, this is a very satisfying issue.  The comic briefly references past issues of Hellboy, and hints at the recent troubles in issues of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth and Abe Sapien, but no previous knowledge of these series is needed to enjoy the comic. Hellboy has a brief vision of England that might be better enjoyed by readers with some knowledge of Hellboy’s past adventures, but overall the comic is accessible to new readers.”  – Forulian, Keeper of Lost Laundry Socks

“The art of Mike Mignola and colorist Dave Stewart is a delight more suited to Heaven than Hell.  Stewart’s colors deftly compliment Mignola’s minimalist-but-expressive art, and Hell is painted in shades of grey and red.  An ill Hellboy is a pallid color until roused to action, and then his bright red coloring returns with his vigor. The verdant palette used for Hellboy’s vision of England is heartbreakingly enticing. The art in this comic is beautiful and engaging.” – Tylericus, Progenitor of ATM Service Fees

“I highly recommend this comic.  It’s gorgeous, it’s accessible to new readers, and it has a nice amount of humor amid the grim setting.  You should definitely buy this!” – Anushar, Arch-Glutton of Comics Consumption