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Freeze Frame 12/4/2015

From Cyborg #5 by Ivan Reis, Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR & Andriano Lucas

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The Rough Guide To All New, All Different Marvel

Fall is upon us but while Secret Wars and it’s many tie in’s sit in delay purgatory for the time being, Marvel is once again relaunching it’s superhero line with a whole bunch of #1 issues for their comics. With that said, the publisher is moving from a different position than they were in with Marvel Now & All New Marvel Now. With the former, Marvel had a lot of young creative talent that they were able to re-position during the relaunch to give their line a fresh make over and give creators they had brought up on  their lower tier titles a higher profile like Jonathan Hickman, Jerome  Opena, Esad Ribic, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jason Aaron or Rick Remender. After Marvel Now was a success, they added several new talents into their fold by building off the success of the original relaunch, giving creators like Ales Kot, Tradd Moore, Michael Walsh, Felipe Smith or Michel Fiffe their first shot at a major comics launch with the publisher. Now, much of the talent from both those initiatives has moved on from the publisher. In their place, Marvel has new creators coming on from all sorts of different mediums in addition to some of their old standby’s like Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Waid or Greg Land, and they are publishing a lot of comics. Probably too many. Below is a list of all the announced new series categorized into grouping of Yay, Mayhaps or Nah like we did with Secret Wars. Keep in mind that I won’t be including series that are basically the same creative talent and that Marvel will surely have more books to announce in the months ahead.

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Updated: All The New October 2015 Marvel Series Via Bleeding Cool

635689708958153536-marvelIn addition to the Warren Ellis project, Bleeding Cool is announcing several new Marvel series & creative teams. They are as follows:

Update: Newsarama confirms The Vision series by King & Walta

Sean Ryan & Cory Smith will be taking over Nova

Writer Nick Spencer & artist Daniel Acuna will be taking over Captain America from Rick Remender & Stuart Immonem

Jeff Lemire & Humbert Ramos Extraordinary X-Men is confirmed from this interview on CBR

New Avengers title relaunching with writer Al Ewing & artist Gerardo Sandoval

S.H.I.E.L.D will be relaunched as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D with writer Marc Guggenheim taking over on writing duties and artist Mike Norton becoming the full time series artist

Writer Gerry Duggan & artist Ryan Stegman will be taking over Uncanny Avengers from Rick Remender & Daniel Acuna

Scarlet Witch series written by James Robinson

Carnage series from Gerry Conway & Mike Perkins

Ultimates comic in the mainline Marvel continuity by Al Ewing & Kenneth Rocafort 

New Illuminati series by Joshua Williamson & Shawn Crystal

New Vision series from Tom King & Gabriel H Walta

Mike Costa will be continuing Spider-Verse as Web Warriors with artist David Baldeon

Daredevil by Charles Soule & Ron Garney

Uncanny X-Men by Cullen Bunn & Greg Land

Extraordinary X-Men by Jeff Lemire & Humberto Ramos

All New X-Men by Dennis Hopeless & Marc Bagley

New X-23/Wolverine by Tom Taylor & David Lopez

Venom: Spaceknight by Robbie Thomas & Ariel Olivetti

Howling Comandos of S.H.I.E.L.D by Frank Barbiere & Brent Schoonover

Angela Relaunch With Marguerite Bennett remaining as the main writer on the series and art from Stephanie Hans & Kim Jacinto

Deadpool relaunch by Gerry Duggan & Mike Hawthorne

Writing duties on Old Man Logan will be taken over by Jeff Lemire with Andrea Sorrentino remaining on art.

Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ms Marvel, Amazing Spiderman, Legendary Star Lord, Howard The Duck, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Spiderman 2099 & Silk will also feature the same creative teams that are currently writing the books.

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Original Sin Thangs


So in addition to the Original Sin series Marvel will be releasing an anthology of tie in mini series including a Young Avengers series from Adventure Time Ryan North, a Lockjaw series (?!?!?!?!?) from EGOs Stuart Moore and OG Heavy Metal illustrator Rick Geary, a Jonah Jameson series from Spiderman Dan Slott and The Ultimate’s Cataclysm (and a whole lot more) Mark Bagley, a Dr. Doom series from Fantastic Four current series writer James Robinson, Hulk vs Iron Man from current series writers Mark Waid and Keiron Gillen, a Deathlok series from Nathan Edmundson of Black Widow,  a Howard The Duck story (c’mon man) and a Black Knight story in addition to tie in issues of Avengers, Deadpool, Mighty Avengers, All New Invaders, Fantastic Four, Amazing Spiderman and Nova. Select series from the anthology will be spinning out as ongoings. More details at Marvel

Freeze Frame 2/26/1014

Tracksuit Dracula’s never learn-Pat
by David Aja from Hawkeye #15

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Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo tilts his perspective for . . .

Velvet #3
Velvet #3
by Steve Epting

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FREEZE FRAME! The Weeks Best Moments!


(you can click on the image to view it’s full size)

CATACLYSM: THE ULITMATES LAST STAND #1: Miles and Ganke no doubt just shit their pants.

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THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

portrait_incredibleAMAZING X-MEN #1: Battle of the Atom just about did me in on the X-Men. It took away all the charm for me and I had pretty much turned my back on the mutants and wished them well. But as you know im a sucker for first issues and really how could I not read a comic by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness? So with a certain amount of trepidation I read Amazing X-Men #1 and you know what? I’m back dudes! Back into the world of the the X-Men. This comic was great! No time traveling messes to try and figure out or any of that bullshit that Bendis has muddled things up with. Nothing but a solid story that singlehandly reinvigorates the X-Men universe after a mind numbing cross-over. Aaron seems like he is almost writing the very first X-Men story here – everything feels new and fresh and the characters are taken down to their core essence which at this moment in time is a stroke of brilliance. This allows new readers and old readers alike to enjoy this story as it should be. My Comic of the Week! WRITING: EXCELLENT / ART: EXCELLENT

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FREEZE FRAME! The Weeks Best Moments! 10/30/13



you can click on the moments to view them in all their BIG glory


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Review of Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #5

Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #5 (of 5)Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #5 by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagely

I came to the Ultimate Universe rather late. I was not reading comics when the line was first launched and, for the most part, have never gone back to read any of its early triumphs. What I have the most experience with is Ultimate Spider-Man, and even there it was not until late into the Peter Parker days (i.e. post-Ultimatum). This is all to say that I did not approach this week’s issue with the same amount of emotion involvement as someone who has been following the line since its debut. At the same time, I am fully aware of the importance the Ultimates have played for Marvel.

Bendis comes in for a bit of heckling from some members of this site (myself included at times), but he can write. Even if some of his work has lost its original charm, he delivers with this issue. He balances the epic scope that is the menace of Galactus along with the individual human dramas. Kitty, Miles and Tony all have their moments of heroism and sacrifice. Then there is Thor, who Bendis gives a terrific Hail Mary scene. All of this is illustrated strongly by Bagley. The expressions on Galactus’ face, as he grows increasingly desperate, are chilling.    

As for the final fate of the Ultimate Universe, I shall refrain from spoiling it. Of course, given the new title announcements, we already know that not everyone and/or thing from the Ultimate Universe would be decimated by Galactus. Then, again, there was that dimensional portal which might allow a handful of characters to flee into the 616 proper. Or, Marvel might do their own version of Flashpoint, where everything is blended together. However, if you spared the Ultimate Earth, how do you resolve the problem of Galactus? Simply toss him back at the 616-Earth? Destroy him? Not likely. Simply put, Bendis finds a satisfactory solution to these problems. At the end of the day, Cataclysm may not have been the most earth shattering event (in a figural sense), but it was a satisfactory one.

As for whether there is real change in store after this storyline? Well, we’ll find that out soon enough . .  .