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Freeze Frame 12/09/16

From Island #13 by Jack Cole

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Review of Scarlet Witch #9

Scarlet Witch 9 David Aja
David Aja

By James Robinson, Joelle Jones & Rachelle Rosenberg

This past Wednesday, as it must to all things, Marvel’s latest marquee Event, Civil War II, came to Scarlet Witch. Event tie-ins can be a messy business often side-lining the forward momentum of a title. Some series, such as Ms. Marvel, rise to the occasion, proving once again why they are so exceptional. Others like Ultimates or A-Force have had a more mixed success. One constant though across the tie-ins I have read is that the authors have been able to maintain the distinct personality of their titles, despite any editorial interference.  This also applies to Scarlet Witch. Writer James Robinson crafts an engaging issue which riffs on the Event, while being at heart another chapter in Wanda Maximoff’s journey of self-growth.

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