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Uncover The Best Covers 12/14/2017

From Gravetrancers #1 by James Michael Whynot

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The Rob’s Deadpool Book Will Be Written By The X-Men ’92 Team

dpoolbadbloodognhc-fcvr-158788Writers Chad Bowers & Chris Sims of X-Men 92 & Down Set Fight will be teaming with artist and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld for an original graphic novel on the character titled Deadpool Bad Blood. Based on what we know about Sims and Liefeld, it can be assumed the Taylor Swift reference in 100% intentional. More details at Comicbook.com

Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

Twitter, a place where anybody can write anything into the hyper loop of white noise on the internet. Most people are bad at twitter but a very few are excellent at it. These are the ten elite comics creators twitter feeds Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

Fox Is Making A New Mutants Film

New_Mutants_087-01Newmutants10383Per Deadline, Fox studios will be doing a film based on the New Mutants X-Men offshoot directed by Josh Boone of The Fault In Our Stars. Vote on which version of the New Mutants you want to see below