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This Week’s Finest: Mirror #6

Mirror 6 Hwei Lim
Hwei Lim

By Emma Rios & Hwei Lim

Artistic creation is a compulsion. An artist pursues their craft not out of whimsy but a deep-seated need. It is not something which may be set aside lightly; indeed, it is an essential aspect of their identity. Be it music, writing, the visual arts or any other medium, their emotional happiness is incomplete without it. It does not require for success, though many may desire it, the largest stage or the brightest spotlight, only the space for conjuring the artist’s own distinct vision. This understanding of the artist’s nature is at the core of Mirror as it commences its second arc in stunning fashion.

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This Year’s Finest 2016: The Most Memorable Characters

The weather might suggest otherwise, but December has arrived and with it the inevitable year’s end lists. Luckily, at Nothing But Comics, we’re quite fond of year’s end lists. Our first group Top Ten will arrive tomorrow, but first I offer up my annual look back at some of the most memorable character from 2016.

All entries are listed alphabetically. For simplicity sake, characters without code names are listed by first name.

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This Week’s Finest: Broken World #1

“Who’s the man who thinks he can decide/
Whose dreams will live and whose shall be pushed aside?”
–Bruce Springsteen (None but the Brave)

Broken World #1 (of Four)
by Frank J. Barbiere and Christopher Peterson

Ladies and Gentlemen, no longer can you dismiss BOOM! Studios. With the release of ClusterArcadia, and the upcoming Strange Fruit–to name a few–there is no doubt that it is time to take the company seriously. Perhaps this credit has been due in the past, but I’ve failed to take notice. Either way, they’ve got my attention. So when the first issue of Frank J. Barbiere and Christopher Peterson’s Broken World popped up in this week’s solicitations, I knew another comic would be wiggling its way into my comics stack.

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