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Batman Faces Arrested Development

lego-batman-movie-warner-brosTo the surprise of pretty much nobody, one of the first decisions made in response to the massive commercial success of The Lego Movie was to green-light a sequel as well as spin-offs. One of those spin-offs, also rather predictably, was a Batman Lego film starring Will Arnett. It does not arrive until 2017, so plenty of the details are probably still being negotiated. However, as reported this past Friday, it has been decided that Michael Cera will voice Robin in the movie.

Personally, I find this an exciting possibility, not simply because Cera’s patented flustered, awkward persona could make for a hilarious Boy Wonder. It also reunites him with Arrested Development co-star Arnett for something other than a fifth season of the show. (Oh why, Netflix? Didn’t you disappoint us enough with Season 4?) Recent fallings-off aside, the first three seasons were brilliant television; it is the most recent show I would place on my list of best TV comedies ever. With this in mind, I would like to offer Warner Brothers a modest proposal for how they could fill-out the rest of the cast solely with Arrested Development alumni.
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Cosmo’s Gallery: Nothing But Comics Visits DC

This past weekend I traveled to DC to visit my friend Brian. He’s one of my oldest friends, as well as fellow comic book fanatic. Together we attended the city’s Awesome Con, 2015. In addition, my colleague Katharine drove up from Virginia for her first convention experience. A good time was had by all.

Below are some of the sights of the weekend.


Captain America (crop)
Captain America

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Review of Daredevil, Episodes 12-3

Daredevil Netflix poster Joe Quesada
Joe Quesada

No Spoilers

Well, that came together nicely . . .

One of the reoccurring elements of Daredevil has been the ability to end almost every episode on a strong emotional note. For example, Matt’s battle with the Russians at the end of Episode 2 or the debut of Wilson Fisk at the end of #3. Without relying on cliffhangers, the creative team is able to find a way to leave the viewer more engaged, eager for more. As has been observed by Josh and Dean in their reviews, this pattern shifts in the later installments as cliffhangers become more prevalent. This makes sense as the narrative is ramping-up, bringing various plots to a boil. The most stunning of all of these occurred at the end of Episode 10 when Karen Page kills in self-defense Fisk’s lieutenant, James Wesley. Yet, even this turn of events makes way for a poignant character moment: Fisk, already fearing the loss of one close companion, impatiently trying to reach Wesley on his cellphone.
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Review of Daredevil, Episodes 10-11

Daredevil-110Daredevil started with a bang. Full tilt, head down, sprinting out of the gate. The first three episodes (1-3) were fantastic. It then hit it’s stride and stayed consistent for three (4-6) more episodes. Then, episodes 7,8 and 9 slow down a bit. It is the meat of the season, setting up for the big finish. Just by chance I drew episodes 10 and 11 to review and I sure am glad I did. It is hard to top those first few episodes but 10 and 11 have ramped the energy back up.

Two things before I start. First, there will be spoilers ahead so be weary. Second, I would never let Rosario Dawson walk out my door. I guess that’s why I’m not a hero.

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Review of Daredevil, Episodes 1-3

Daredevil Netflix promo posterNo spoilers

Ladies & Gentlemen, superhero shows are growing up.

Yesterday, Marvel Studios unveiled the first part of one of their more ambitious gambles to date: four separate street level series which would eventually culminate in a crossover Defenders event. True, it is essentially the same model that paid off so well three years ago with the first Avengers film. Yet, TV is another matter altogether. Four shows, 52 episodes, plus whatever length that Defenders movie/mini-series turns out to be is an awful lot of content to commit to up-front. Plus, the Avengers at least had a Hulk to lend the project some brand-name familiarity. The closest equivalent the Netflix project has is Daredevil, and his time spent in media outside of comics has not been entirely successful. In truth, to many a non-comics reader, the character is a joke. That is until now.
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Fraction & DeConick Sign Deal With Universal For TV Adaptations


Writers and married couple Matt Fraction & Kelly Sue DeConick of Sex Criminals, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye & Bitch Planet signed a two year deal with Universal for adaptations of their creator owned work onto television. The first project in development is Fraction & Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals. More details at Deadline