As I stated on the site here the other day, this book has for so long been Good, that I almost forget it can be Great.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never closed the cover to any issue of The Walking Dead and thought to myself, Wow, why am I reading this?  I love TWD and truly respect Kirkman and Adlard for their perseverance to make the series consistently pleasant to read issue after issue.  That’s the thing, they keep you wanting more.  You never feel satisfied by what you’ve been given.  Perhaps one of its faults is that it is so catchy.  This is by no means the greatest comic series ever created, but that does not lessen my enjoyment whatsoever.  I feel the same way about some TV shows and movies.  I know it is not the best the medium can offer, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t entertain me all the same.

When this issue begins, Rick and the gang have taken refuge at Hilltop and are finding some time to recharge after Negan’s assault on Alexandria.  It is in this brief lull that Rick remembers just what they are fighting for.  There is a beautiful moment where Rick looks around the camp and says that there is no way Negan will ever be able to win.  He can’t take what humanity has away.  Negan, of course, begs to differ.
Overall, this issue served as a nice breather between battles.  (Though that is not to say that there wasn’t plenty of action.  A third to one-half of the issue was devoted to the all out war.)  This is one of the few times Rick is optimistic about their situation–something which makes me wonder just how much longer he will be around.  I think it is getting to be about the time Rick bites it (no pun intended) and seeing the solicitations coming up, boasting an All-New new direction, we may see just that.