The Cartoon Response to the Paris Attacks


The November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris shocked the world.  A combination of shootings and suicide bombings left 129 people dead and 352 people wounded, according to current news reports.  The terrorist group the Islamic State (sometimes referred to in the media as ISIS, ISIL, or IS) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

In response, people from all over the world are sharing cartoons through social media to express their thoughts and feelings about the attacks. Below are some of the cartoons that were shared this past weekend on Twitter.

The Eiffel Tower is prominent in many of the cartoons. The iconic monument is used by cartoonists as a symbol for Paris, the nation of France, and the French people.  Sometimes the tower is used in the cartoon to express anger, sadness, or horror at the terrorist attacks.














Many cartoonists use the tower as a symbol of hope, strength, solidarity, sympathy, or defiance.















The blue, white, and red French flag is also used as a symbol to convey sadness, outrage, or sympathy.  








Some American cartoonists use the Statue of Liberty – built by Gustave Eiffel and given to the United States by France in the 19th Century – as a symbol of solidarity with France.  





Some shared cartoons to express their thoughts on the politics of the attacks – the policies that may have created ISIS or might have inspired ISIS to attack France, and the possible impact the attacks might have on Europe’s politics, such as strengthening the influence of European anti-Muslim political groups or making Muslim immigration to Europe more difficult.















Some cartoonists caricature ISIS, portraying them as grotesque or buffoonish monsters.  







Some shared cartoons to express solidarity with the French people.




Some shared cartoons that commented on the significance of religion in the attacks.  




One French cartoonist – Joann Sfar – created a cartoon that thanked people for their prayers, but stated “we don’t need more religion!”



Some cartoons express defiance amid the bloodshed.




The Paris attacks were a terrible tragedy that evoke many thoughts and feelings, and the cartoons that were shared on Twitter this weekend show a diverse range of viewpoints and artistic responses to the attacks.  

PERSONAL NOTE:  The Nothing But Comics team wishes to express its sympathy and solidarity with the people of France in the aftermath of the attacks.