Loose Ends A Week In Review

Loose Ends 11/13/2015


On SKTCHD, David Harper writes about design in comics with Jonathan Hickman & Tom Muller. Muller then joins Harper on the Off Panel podcast to talk about his journey into comics, his input in creator owned comics and his work for hire

G. Kendall has begun his retrospective on Wizard Magazine starting as issue #14 where the magazine really finds it voice in two parts

Jim McLaughin writes about what he see’s as the internet rage machine in comics on Newsarama & Jude Terror calls him out on the articles inconsistencies at The Outhousers

R. Sikoryak makes comics out of iTunes terms & conditions

Lapsed fan Christopher M. Jones picks up Art Ops & The Vision and really prefers one over the other at Loser City

A fan complains to Jim Zub about diversity in comics on his Tumblr and Zub put’s him in his place

Duck creator and artist from Silk, New Warriors & Strange Sports Stories Tana Ford talks diversity in comics, Star Trek & why nobody masturbates in the DC Universe with John Siuntres on the Word Balloon podcast

From Under Mountains artist Sloane Leong guests hosts the Inkstuds podcast to interview Iasim Omar Ata about her web comic Mis(H)Adra and growing up with epilepsy.

Former Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Riad Sattouf goes on Fresh Air to talk about his new graphic novel Arab Of The Future

Rob Liefeld call into the The Cannon Podcast unannounced to make his case for The Empire Strikes Back over Jurrasic Park at the 37 minute mark

Not All Spoilers Are Created Equal (Or The Difference between Legitimately Good Storytelling and Studio Manufactured Hype) as Sam Adams explains over at Indie Wire

Mens Rights activist tries to “debate” a buzzfeed writer on Twitter and are too dumb to understand they are being quoted Good Will Hunting

Junot Diaz talks to Neil Gaiman about Sandman Overture