Loose Ends A Week In Review

Loose Ends 11/20/2015


Mark Millar writes on Game Rader on how being traumatized by the Man of Steel film inspired him to make Huck

Alex Spencer writes about Mike Allred’s innovative visual story telling method using the Moebius strip in Silver Surfer #11 & Chris Sims gives a tribute to The Death Of Superman at Comics Alliance

Stephen Gerding writes about the humanism in it’s portrayal of cancer treatment in this weeks issue of The Might Thor #1 at Comicbook Resources

Claire Napier & Mai Pucik discuss the merits of the IDW mini series Tet & it’s portrayal of Asian American character at Women Write About Comics

Ron Bicken writes about Gotham and the many problems from it’s latest episode at I09

Sheldon Perce ranks the 26 weirdest Adult Swim shows of all time at Deadspin

Gene Luen Yang talks about how writing Superman is different from any other work he’s done, how his personal experience with religion inspired him to do Boxers & Saints, how he want’s to use comics to inspire kids to code and more on the Inkstuds podcast

Jason Aaron has a almost two hour conversation with John Suitres about his work on Star Wars, Thor, The Godddammned, Dr Strange & Southern Bastards on Word Balloon

Terry Gross tales to Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur director Peter Sohn about voicing character’s, growing up in the Bronx in his parents grocery store & how the little boy in Up was modeled after him on Fresh Air

Bill Simmons had a fun interview with President Obama, Chuck Klosterman had a difficult interview with Tom Brady & the both talk about it on the Bill Simmons podcast in addition to Grantland, Kareem Abdul Jabar & more