Review of Thors #3


Aaron said Thors would read like a cop drama and he sure wasn’t kidding. Aaron takes the interesting concept of a Thor Corp that polices Battleworld, mixes it with all the knowledge and creativity he has gained writing Thor for a few years and centers it around a homicide case. How could it go wrong? Thors has just the right amount of humor, drama and action to have me begging for more once the final page is turned. Thors has been a solid book for two issues and it just seems to be raising the intensity with every passing issue. I have no idea what to expect as Aaron, Sprouse and Sudzuka are throwing me curve-balls at every turn (I always had trouble with the curves).

Issue #3 is titled Thunder Room. Most of the issue takes place in the interrogation room as the Thors have caught a suspect for all the Jane Foster murders and perhaps more importantly the Beta Ray Thor murder. The suspect just happens to be none other than Loki. Appropriately named, the Thunder room is where the interrogation takes place. A very cool concept of a room where all the wrath of Thor can be brought upon a suspect. What could be more intimidating then a room where instead of a ceiling, you are staring up at an angry lightning storm. This room is really brought to life by Sprouse and Sudzuka. A scary looking place to be, no matter how tough you think you are. I know I would talk in a matter of seconds in the Thunder Room.

Ultimate Thor takes it upon himself to interrogate Loki as it was his partner, Beta Ray Thor, who was murdered. He tries a few different tactics but as usual Loki is in control of the situation the entire time. Loki knows exactly what is going on, and not just with the Jane and Beta Ray murders. He knows why Thor so desperately wants Loki to be the “bad guy”, he knows why Thor feels a connection with all the dug up Jane Fosters. Thor tries to use his muscles before using his brain which leads only to frustration, but in the end is able to get some information out of Loki which leads him to the Deadlands. In the Deadlands the issue and the series hit it’s peak. The imagery in the Deadlands is spectacular. Thor easily dealing with Zombies, Deadland ground covered in bones and a thunderous altercation with someone on the inside. Issue #3 of Thors is a game changer.