Flash Appreciation Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks the ten-year anniversary of the debut of the Justice League Unlimited episode “Flash and Substance” (February 11, 2006). In that episode, the people of Central City honor the Flash for his heroism and declare the day of celebration “Flash Appreciation Day.” The episode inspired fans to celebrate the DC Comics superhero on February 11th each year.

This year, Nothing But Comics has partnered with other sites for a special effort on Flash Appreciation Day.

We’ll have more details tomorrow, but in the meantime, please enjoy these articles about the Flash from the Nothing But Comics team and some of our partner sites.

“Jay Garrick is the Best Flash” – Comics Bulletin

“Barry Allen is the Best Flash” – Comics Bulletin

“Wally West is the Best Flash” – Comics Bulletin

“Five Thoughts on The Flash‘s “Welcome to Earth 2” – Multiversity Comics

“Wally West’s Initial Run as the Flash” – Nothing But Comics

“Flashback: A Look at DC’s Elseworlds Flashpoint Miniseries” – Nothing But Comics. 

Every day is Flash Appreciation Day at FlashFans.org and Speed Force.

Flash Image 2


The Flash character is the property of DC Comics. 

You can read more about the Flash (including his various iterations and creators) here.

The images above are the property of their respective owner(s), and are presented for not-for-profit, educational purposes only under the fair use doctrine of the copyright laws of the United States of America.


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