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Guardians Of The Galaxy Being Taken Over By Gerry Duggan & Aaron Kuder

gargal2017001-cov-color-224053Writer Gerry Duggan of Deadpool, Hulk, Nova & Uncanny Avengers will team with artist Aaron Kuder of Action Comics, Death of X & Superman for a relaunch of Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. The new creative team will start on the series, now titled All New Guardians of The Galaxy, in May of 2017. More details at Comicbook.com

Freeze Frame 3/4/2016

From Prophet Earth War #2 by Ron Ackins & Paul Davey
From Prophet Earth War #2 by Ron Ackins & Paul Davey

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Freeze Frame 12/4/2015

From Cyborg #5 by Ivan Reis, Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR & Andriano Lucas

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The Rough Guide To All New, All Different Marvel

Fall is upon us but while Secret Wars and it’s many tie in’s sit in delay purgatory for the time being, Marvel is once again relaunching it’s superhero line with a whole bunch of #1 issues for their comics. With that said, the publisher is moving from a different position than they were in with Marvel Now & All New Marvel Now. With the former, Marvel had a lot of young creative talent that they were able to re-position during the relaunch to give their line a fresh make over and give creators they had brought up on  their lower tier titles a higher profile like Jonathan Hickman, Jerome  Opena, Esad Ribic, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jason Aaron or Rick Remender. After Marvel Now was a success, they added several new talents into their fold by building off the success of the original relaunch, giving creators like Ales Kot, Tradd Moore, Michael Walsh, Felipe Smith or Michel Fiffe their first shot at a major comics launch with the publisher. Now, much of the talent from both those initiatives has moved on from the publisher. In their place, Marvel has new creators coming on from all sorts of different mediums in addition to some of their old standby’s like Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Waid or Greg Land, and they are publishing a lot of comics. Probably too many. Below is a list of all the announced new series categorized into grouping of Yay, Mayhaps or Nah like we did with Secret Wars. Keep in mind that I won’t be including series that are basically the same creative talent and that Marvel will surely have more books to announce in the months ahead.

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Dan Abnett Aint Outta The Cosmic Space Yet

guardoi2015001-cheung-1--149230Writer Dan Abnett of the recent Guardians 3000 series in addition to other Marvel cosmic properties like The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Nova, Annihilation Conquest, The Thanos Imperative  & Realm Of Kings, will be returning to the concept on Guardians Of Infinity with artist Carlos Barberi of Thunderbolts, The Amazing Spiderman & Deadpool. More details at comicbook.com

PS: from the bottom line of the solicitation: “Also in this issue, Latour and Cheung tell a one-off story of Ben Grimm and Rocket Raccoon, stuck on a planet where culture is based on Earth-style professional wrestling…but the stakes are life and death! THIS AIN’T KAYFABE, BROTHER!”

Freeze Frame 8/7/2015

From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parket
From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parker

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Review of Guardians of Infinity #8

374961._SX640_QL80_TTD_By Dan Abnett, Jen and Sylvia Soska, Carlo Barberi,  Juanan Ramirez, Israel Silva & Jesus Aburtov

A decade ago the writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning wrote a four issue Nova tie-in for Marvel’s cosmic event Annihilation. The limited series was a hit and was promoted to an on-going. It also raised Abnett and Lanning (or DnA to their growing body of fans referred to them) to high enough prominence that they were tasked with writing Annihilation’s sequel: Annihilation: Conquest. When the dust settled on that Event, DnA were the prime movers of Marvel’s cosmic corner and between Nova and their new Guardians of the Galaxy title they took it to new heights. Their influence stretched far beyond comics though, as their Guardians run was used as the basis for 2014’s blockbuster film of the same name. After Guardians and Nova ended, DnA pursued others projects before dissolving their partnership. Abnett returned to cosmic Marvel, however, scripting a couple different titles, the most recent of which, Guardians of Infinity, drew to a close last week.

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